Second Trimester Favorites

Well, my second trimester has come and gone & I honestly can’t believe it! It went so fast and we are 2 months away from meeting baby #3. I thought I would put together a list of items that really helped me through my second trimester for any other expecting mamas out there!


1.) Comfy clothes + robe: My pants started to not fit in the second trimester and all I really wanted to wear when I was at home were comfy sweatpants or my Skims robe. The Skims robe is out of this world amazing and the boyfriend tees are even more comfy! I got these Amazon sweatpants for lounging around the house as well and they were perfect. I’ve also found that this $15 dress is very easy to style multiple ways as well as it’s stretchiness is perfect for a growing belly.

I also love the Free People bralettes because they are so easy to wear and very comfy.

Below are some other great comfy items that work for a growing belly!

(I wear a medium in all Skims, a M/L in the bralettes, a medium in the dress and I got a size medium in the sweatpants)


2.) Good skincare routine: Doing my nighttime skincare routine during my second trimester felt like a luxury to me! I love using my Tao cleansing brush with the Colleen Rothschild cleansing balm because it makes my skin feel like I just came from a spa. My lips have also been so dry recently so I’ve been using the Colleen Rothschild lip mask at night and Mario lip mask during the day and it makes a world of difference. As far as lathering my belly goes, I’ve been loving the Dime Glaze oil and the Tula body balm. Both so so good for keeping my belly from not itching and preventing stretch marks.

*Colleen Rothschild 20% off code is ASHLEYD20

*Tula 15% off code is ASHDONIELLE

*Dime 20% off code is ASH20


3.) Massagers: I had terrible headaches during the second trimester so this neck massager was a miracle worker for me! I also loved using this foot massager after a long day – a great at home luxury!


4.) Staying hydrated: As much as I have a love/hate relationship with my Stanley cup, it 100% helps me drink more water during the day so it has been a necessity for me this pregnancy. The 40oz size is a little too heavy for me when filled up so I prefer the 30oz size.

As far as drinking more water goes, to help with that, I’ll either add lemon to my water or use a Go Hydrate. I use to be a huge Liquid IV drinker, which I still love if I’m feeling super dehydrated but it has a lot of sodium and sugar in it so I’m trying to avoid it this pregnancy. Go Hydrate is sugar free + has electrolytes in it which really helps.


*Go Hydrate 15% off code is ASHDONIELLE

*Liquid IV 20% off code is ASHDONIELLE


Now on to my third trimester! I can already see a lot more Tums and a pregnancy pillow in my future LOL!


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