3 Summer Style Trends I Saw Everywhere In London

We’ve been back from London for about a month and there were so many fun fashion trends happening that I LOVED watching over there! It’s honestly one of my favorite parts about traveling around the world. The fashion is so different or similar in some aspects in other cities & countries and it so fun to follow.

Here were the top 3 fashion trends I saw in London for the summer:


MAXI DRESSES WITH SNEAKERS – MOSTLY VEJAS: But really, this is the trend I saw the most in London….90% of the women hustling around London were in maxi dresses paired with sneakers. Such a comfortable, yet chic trend that every single gal pulled off flawlessly. Whether they were tubing home from work or momming it up at the park with their kids, a cute maxi dress with sneakers was the trend. And not Golden Goose sneakers….I literally didn’t see those anywhere. Everyone was wearing Vejas. Absolutely so cool. You bet your bottom dollar that I came home and ordered a pair of Vejas, and guess what?! They are so comfy and cute!



COACH BAGS: Yes, you read that right! COACH BAGS ARE BACK.  As in the bags of the 90s! I mean, we’ve all had a Coach bag at some point but the fact that they were all over London had me boggled! It was wild. But also, I’m not going to lie, some of the bags were SO cute and so chic. It’s definitely a trend I could get behind.



CROCHET TOPS: A trend I love! I think crochet tops & sweaters are absolutely so cute. Some give off a 70s vibe, some give off a nautical vibe, multiple ways to style & wear.



*Wearing my new Veja sneakers above with leggings! Perfect for fall *


Which of these 3 trends would you rock? I’m all about the maxi dress + sneakers vibe.


Happy Monday!


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