One Year With Henry

We have a one year old! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!? To be honest, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like adding another baby into our family and having 2 kids…..what a dream! I constantly find myself stopping in my tracks, full of so much gratitude that this is my life. Henry was the greatest addition to our family & I feel like we’ve known him for years!


He currently has 7 teeth, can stand on his own (no steps just yet!) and is loud, very loud. But the smiles and giggles?! Never ending with him. He is pure joy!


If you’ve missed any of my Henry updates in the last year, you can find them below!

Henry’s 10 month update

Henry’s 8 month update

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Henry’s 2 month update 

Below is his current schedule & a snapshot of his favorite items/toys! 

  • 7-8AM – wakes up, drinks about 5-8 ounces of milk in a bottle, plays
  • 9-10AM – Goes back down for a morning nap anywhere from 9 -10am
  • 11:30- 2 PM – Wakes up from nap around 11 or 11:30, plays, eats lunch, hangs out
  • 1:30 or 2PM – goes down for his afternoon nap until about 3:30 or 4
  • 4 – 6ish – eats dinner in highchair, plays
  • 6 PM – takes a bath every other day – nighttime bottle (5 ounces of milk – sometimes he drinks the whole thing and sometimes he doesn’t drink any of it)
  • 7PM – 8PM – down for bed in his sleep sack with sound machine and nightlight only 




I LOVE having these pictures below so so much. It’s definitely hard to remember to document at the time as it may feel chaotic, but at the end of a year, it’s so incredible to look back and see how much your baby has changed. One thing is for sure….at 8 weeks, Henry started smiling and he’s never stopped since. Happiest baby ever!

He got ear tubes placed a little after he turned 10 months due to recurrent ear infections. The procedure took about 10 minutes and he hasn’t had another ear infection since! 


Thank you for following along the past year and for loving on our sweet little guy! I hope I’ve been able to be a resource to any new mamas out there!



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