Kid’s Airplane Activities

We are t-minus 6 days until we leave for London & Paris and the first thing on my mind?! How am I going to keep these 2 kids occupied on an 9 hour flight? Moms, you hear me?!

Obviously snacks are a MUST and so are activities, toys and anything else that will keep them busy (heck, Henry sometimes finds a pack of wipes so funny!).

Here are a few things I ordered to keep both kids busy on the flight from Chicago to LONDON!


Kid’s cups – We have had these cups for years and Henry finally just started using one himself! We are bringing both of them their own sippy cups on the plane so that it’s easier for them to drink fluids. I love that the straws are silicone so they can’t hurt their mouths!


WikkiStix – What mom doesn’t love these? Very easy to pack and they keep Eloise very busy!


WaterWow Books – Eloise loves these, they are mess free and you can use them over and over again. Better yet, Henry has started to take interest in holding crayons or these pens and coloring as well so it works for both of them!


Silicone Pull String Toy – We haven’t tried this out yet but it has great reviews so I’ll keep you posted on whether Henry likes this or not!


Snack Spinner – This is kind of pricey, but Eloise LOVES it! It gives her a bunch of different snacks to choose from and actually makes her take her time as she spins from section to section. I bought one for Henry too for this trip so I’m hoping the snack variety will keep him happy!


Travel Placemats – Not a toy, but something I always bring on the plane for Eloise so she can place any of her snacks on the tray table germ free. High maintenance mom?! Kind of, BUT it really comes in handy at restaurants with clean up too!


Whoa Dough – We are obsessed with this stuff in our house because it’s super easy to clean up, not sticky at all and is all stored in one easy travel container!


Kid’s Tablet – I ain’t no hero and don’t claim to be when it comes to letting my kid’s watch shows on their tablet, ESPECIALLY when we are traveling! Whatever makes it easier on everyone is what’s happening during our trip. Heck, when I get on an airplane, I want to watch a show or movie so I understand why Eloise does too! We’ve had this tablet for her for over 2 years now and it’s so great. She’s dropped it multiple times and doesn’t break, the case has a stand and it’s under $100.


FOR ELOISE (age 4):


FOR HENRY (age 1):



I hope this post helps ease a little bit of mom anxiety as you all are traveling for the summer! Flying with kids is always hard work so all you can do is try to keep them entertained and not worry about anyone around you!


Safe travels mamas!



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