3 Summer Style Trends I Saw Everywhere In Italy

Want to learn about seasonal style trends? Head to Italy.

I came home so so inspired to rock some new fashion styles and chat about them with all of you! Here are 3 easy trends that I saw again and again during our trip + some affordable options that you can rock this summer season!


WHITE SUNGLASSES: I was really bummed that I didn’t bring a pair of white sunglasses to Italy because once I got there, I saw everyone wearing them and they looked SO CHIC. I know, I know…. white sunglasses remind me of high school but in Italy right now, they are a HOT trend! Trust me, I already have a pair packed for Paris next week. I’m not making that mistake again, HA!


SILK SCARVES: Multiple ways to style and wear them and another fashion item that is so chic in Italy right now. Style them in the hair, on the neck, on your favorite designer bag, you name it, silk scarves are IT right now! I definitely will be picking up a fun designer one in Paris next week!


BUCKET HATS:  Now this is a trend I can get behind and one I definitely supported on my trip! I have a bucket hat that’s over $100 and one that’s from Target and I honestly wear the Target one more! A great way to support the trend without breaking the bank.

full look seen above linked HERE

full look seen above linked HERE


full look seen above linked HERE


What other style trends are you seeing happening right now?! (OH BESIDES CROP TOPS. Let’s not talk about that!)


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