DockAtot vs. Snuggle Me – My Comparison

If you have followed me for a while, you know how much I relied on our DockAtot with both Eloise & Henry. A baby lounger is a MUST GRAB item on my baby registry list as it gives you a hands free moment to fold laundry, eat a meal or just relax next to your baby while they are laying safely in the lounger. I had a ton of you asking me if I preferred the DockAtot over the Snuggle me lounger so I thought it was about time I tried out the Snuggle me option so that I could give you my honest review on both!


Before I go into the difference of the two, let me give you a few reasons as to why you need a baby lounger whether you choose the DockAtot or Snuggle Me:

  • in that stage where your baby can’t crawl yet, this is a great spot to put your baby where they are safe in one spot. You can eat a meal hands free next to them, fold laundry next to them, play with your other children next to them, etc.
  • it’s easy to move from spot to spot aka great to travel with!
  • it’s a clean spot to place your baby if needed – this was one of our big things when traveling. If your baby can’t crawl yet, putting them down in a lounger while in a hotel is at least a clean spot for them to lay.
  • for that toddler life, the baby lounger is an awesome spot for them to drink their bottle while you drink your coffee! For example, every morning, Henry (10 months old) lays next to me in his Snuggle Me and drinks his bottle while I answer emails. He finds it more comfortable and I get some work done. It’s a win win!


Like I said previously, I used the DockAtot for both kids so I have the most experience with the DockAtot for sure! I used the Deluxe +1 Stage 1 Dock for Eloise & Henry and we LOVED it!

  • What I loved about the DockAtot:
    • the patterns – They have the CUTEST patterned covers that are just so well made and pretty!
    • the handles on the sides – When carrying a baby in one hand, the handles make it super easy to carry from spot to spot while your hands are full.
    • the buckle at the bottom of the DockAtot unclips to give your baby a little extra length if needed.
    • the travel bag (the Snuggle Me doesn’t have one but you could use a DockAtot bag or another bag if needed – no big deal). We used our DockAtot travel bag a TON!
  • What I didn’t love about the DockAtot: 
    • putting the cover back on after you washed it. The DockAtot is two pieces once you take the cover off (the Snuggle Me is just one) and it’s a little annoying & time consuming to put it all back together.
    • the price – it’s not cheap that’s for sure! A DockAtot +1 retails for around $189.


Snuggle Me

We’ve only had the Snuggle Me toddler size for over a month now but I definitely feel like we got great use out of it!

  • What I loved about the Snuggle Me:
    • how easy it was to wash the cover! Unlike the DockAtot, the Snuggle me is all one piece with a cover on it, so if you need to wash the cover, it’s basically like a pillowcase as far as ease to take on an off.
    • the price! I feel like this is a more affordable option for a lounger!
    • more plush – I think the Snuggle Me is more comfortable and plush than the DockAtot! It’s definitely more like a snuggly pillow and Henry prefers to drink his bottle in the Snuggle Me over the DockAtot. Henry also will drink MORE milk in the Snuggle Me vs if we are holding him so that’s a plus!
  • What I didn’t love about the Snuggle Me: 
    • lack of patterned covers BUT the color options are very pretty!
    • a handle on the side or top would be nice as it makes it easier to carry from spot to spot.



So, which one would I pick?! I honestly can’t pick a favorite! We loved the DockAtot for our babies and we’ve loved the Snuggle Me for Henry at 10 months. You really can’t go wrong!

Hopefully this post will help you pick which one you need for your baby but whatever you do, make sure you at least order one or the other. It’s a lifesaver mamas!



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