10 Months With Henry

A lot has happened for our little guy in months 8 though 10! He’s officially on the move, crawling everywhere and following Eloise around like crazy. He had ear tubes placed last week as he was on ear infection #7 in 10 months of life.  All went smoothly, the procedure was super fast and he’s doing great! He also took his first trip to Disneyworld and his excitement didn’t disappoint. It was such a fun time and made for some great memories!

Scroll down for his latest nap/eat/sleep schedule and for some of my favorite pictures the last few months!

all items seen above linked HERE

His current schedule has changed quite a bit as he is now down to 2 naps a day so here’s the update for those interested:


7-10 am – wakes up and eats a 6-8oz formula bottle (we use this formula), plays for about an hour or two – he crawling everywhere and exploring everything.  Now that he can sit fully on his own, he likes to play on the floor with some of these toys. He also LOVES drinking his bottle in this Snuggle Me lounger – similar to a DockAtot but a little more plush (full blog post on the DockAtot vs. Snuggle me found HERE).

10 am -11:30 am – nap #1 of the day

12 pm – 2pm – wakes up, plays again and sits in high chair for some solid food time. He loves to eat avocado, bananas, pancakes, scrambled eggs, blueberries, raspberries….really anything. He LOVES food! He will then play & explore some more or we will go outside for a walk! Sometimes he will do a little 4 oz bottle before he heads down for his second nap of the day, other times he doesn’t want it.

2pm – 4pm – nap #2 of the day

4pm – 5pm – wakes up and plays

5pm – 6pm – eats in his highchair again. He basically eats whatever we are having for dinner (I’ll chop it up really small) or he will have a couple of jars of baby food, some cheese and shredded turkey.

6pm – 6:30 pm – bath

6:30pm – 7 pm – last 6-8 oz bottle of the night and sometimes will play a little bit more

7:30 or 8 pm –  bed – He sleeps in his crib, through the night in this sleepsack



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