My Top Tips for Long Bold Eyelashes

Let’s chat eyelashes!

Are those your real lashes?! This is one of my most asked questions in my DMs everyday so I thought I would do a post with my lash tips & tricks!

I have all natural lashes and have never had lash extensions so I can’t attest to if those are awesome… BUT I do think think there are a few important things you can do to make your natural lashes look BOMB.


1.) Use an eyelash serum – This is important! Not only do eyelash serums help your natural lashes grow, but it helps condition the lash hair so that it’s easier to style with mascara on.  The key with eyelash serum is consistency! You have to use it everyday to get results. I always put mine on right when I brush my teeth so that I don’t forget. I’ve tried 3 different serums – Neulash, GrandeLash, & Dime Beauty. Here’s my review of each:

  • NEULASH – This was the first eyelash serum I ever used and it definitely works! I feel like I got longer & bolder lashes in about a month with this one! Two negatives – It’s on the pricier side ($95 for 3.2 ml – about a 2  month supply) and it cannot be used when pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • GrandeLASH – Another great eyelash serum that works great! It definitely gives you bolder and longer lashes in about 30 days if used every day consistently. This one is a little bit less expensive at $65 for 2.0 ml – about a 1.5 month supply but it also cannot be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Dime Beauty Eyelash Boost Serum – Love this one because it’s clean beauty! Which means, yes, you can use it when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding which is huge because there are not many eyelash serums on the market that actually work that are considered clean beauty. I used this one through my entire pregnancy with Henry and it definitely works. I will say this takes a little bit longer to see results – around 45 days is when I actually really noticed a difference. The great news is the price of this one is awesome! You get 6ml – a 4 month supply for $35.20 with my code “ash20” – so as far as others on the market, it’s a great deal!


2.) Use an eyelash primer – a game changer for me! Sadly my absolute favorite Marc Jacobs primer is discontinued so instead I like the Subversion one or the Tarte one the best (15% off the Tarte one with code “ASHDONIELLE15”)! Eyelash primers definitely help lengthen your lashes and help them look thicker once the mascara is on!

3.) Pick a mascara or mascara combo that works best for youfinding an awesome mascara can be tricky but I think I’ve most definitely found my top 3 picks! Here is my review of each:

  • Lancome Monsieur Big Volumizing Mascara – it does exactly as it says….makes your lashes look big and bold! The brush is thick (which some people don’t like but I love it!) and it gives you a good amount of product the first go around. I feel good to go with just one coat of this mascara. The only negative for me is that if I put this on my bottom lashes, it can get clumpy, so for my bottom lashes I will either use Superhero mascara or this Lancome one that has a super small brush. Washes off great as well!
  • It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara – a holy grail for me and a mascara I’ve used for years! This mascara gives me bolder and longer lashes with two coats and the brush is a medium size, so perfect for getting product on every single lash! Washes off great and doesn’t smudge at all!
  • Ilia Fullest Volume Mascara – my newest favorite and great if you love lots of product and thick looking lashes! It has terrible reviews and I couldn’t disagree more. I’m hooked and love the way this mascara gives me BAM good lashes! It does have a large brush so it can get messy if you aren’t careful! If you are into smaller brushes that just help separate your lashes and you aren’t into a lot of product, this isn’t going to be the mascara for you.


Overall, those are my favorites as far as lashes go! I personally have never loved using an eyelash curler BUT I have friends who swear by it, so if you want your lashes more curled, maybe try that! Hopefully this post was helpful for all my beauty lovers out there!


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