8 Months with Henry

A full EIGHT months with our little guy and it’s safe to say he’s stolen our hearts. He truly is so so happy most of the time unless he’s hungry, tired or has an ear infection. Other than those 3 things, he’s constantly smiling, laughing or just chilling out with us. It’s nuts! We are so so lucky!


He’s officially sitting by himself now, eats everything in sight, majorly interacts with you when you are talking to him and his favorite person on the planet is 100% Eloise. I’m a close second! HA! He also FINALLY popped two teeth this past month making his smile even cuter!

Below is our current schedule (when all goes well), some of his favorite toys, feeding items and more!


bath mat linked HERE

best little baby boy hats linked HERE


6-9am – wakes up and eats his first 4-6oz formula bottle of the day (we use this formula), plays for about an hour or two (he loves this jumper) and goes back down to sleep. Now that he can sit on his own, he likes to play on the floor with some of these toys.

9am -10am – nap #1 of the day

10:30am – 2pm – wakes up, plays again and sits in high chair for some solid food time. He loves to eat avocado, bananas, pancakes, scrambled eggs, blueberries, raspberries….really anything. He LOVES food! He will then play some more (he loves practicing his sitting and playing with these blocks). Sometimes he will do a little 4 oz bottle before he heads down for his second nap of the day, other times he doesn’t want it.

2pm – 4pm – nap #2 of the day

4pm – 5pm – wakes up and plays

5pm – 5:30pm – eats in his highchair again. He basically eats whatever we are having for dinner (I’ll chop it up really small) or he will have a couple of jars of baby food, some cheese and shredded turkey.

5:30pm – 6pm – bath

6pm – 6:30pm – last 6 oz bottle of the night and sometimes will play a little bit more

6:30pm –  bed – He sleeps in his crib, through the night in this sleepsack


high chair linked HERE

blue Polo sweater linked HERE


As far as toys go, he’s still really into his jumper (definitely worth the $100 bucks mamas…yes, it’s ugly in your living room but it’s not permanent. It also frees you up to go do something – cook dinner, fold laundry, etc without worrying about your kid getting into something). He still loves these blocks that he can chew on, these stacking cups, this little drum toy and this singing elephant. Really any toys that make noise are his jam!


Also, we are over 3 months in with our Baby Breeza bottle maker and we love it more than ever! We’ve had no issues with it, find it very easy to clean and have made sure it’s dispensing the correct amount of formula. We wish we had bought it sooner and can’t recommend it enough if your baby is doing formula bottles!


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