Holiday Gift Ideas for Babies, Toddlers & Teens


Christmas is a little over a month away and I’ve got some great gift ideas for baby, toddlers and teens all in one spot! When it comes to toddler girl gifts and baby gifts, I’ve definitely got that down AND you all helped me with the teen gifts so I feel like there are some great ideas in this post.

I hope it helps you shop this holiday season!

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  • One gift that keeps on giving is a Kiwi Co box subscription! We’ve received Kiwi Co boxes for Eloise since she was around 2 years old and we now get the Panda crates for Henry. Kiwi Co is a great gift option for anyone who wants to create special moments and experiences for their family. You can gift a 3 month, 6 month or yearly subscription and my code “ASHD” will get you 30% off your first month. (use this link HERE for a discount). It truly is an AMAZING gift for kids of all ages and it’s a great way to create new holiday memories!


  • AKA here are some of Eloise’s favorite things at the moment (she’s 3.5 years old)
    • Picasso Tiles – these are a huge hit and she can play with them for hours!
    • Letter Book – She LOVES this white board book! It has really helped her trace her letters and learn her numbers.
    • Doodle Water Board – My brother bought Eloise this doodle water board two years ago and she still plays with it. I love that it’s mess free!
    • This Camera – She uses it whenever she gets new film! She LOVES it. Only downside is that she flies through the film but the pictures she takes are priceless.
    • Wooden Letter Puzzles – She’s had this letter set for over a year and still loves playing with it!
    • Tea Set – Another toy she’s had for over 2 years and still plays with almost daily!
    • Cuddle & Kind Animals – SO pricey but so worth it! They are handmade and Eloise lovessss sleeping & playing with them. She also is very obsessed with her Lamb stuffed animal. She never travels or sleeps without it!
    • Flower Garden – My sister bought her this toy for her birthday and she can play with it’s another one that she can play with for hours!



  • AKA some of Henry’s favorite things in his first 6 months of life!
    • Musical Elephant – Eloise loved this when she was about a year old and Henry loves it now at 6 months. Super cute and interactive!
    • Soft Building Blocks – He is loving these right now, especially to chew on! They are super soft and I can’t recommend them enough.
    • Kick and Play Piano – Both of my kids absolutely loved this before they could sit or roll over. It’s also a great soft spot to put them as they learn to play and interact with toys!
    • Teether Toy – Just look at the reviews on Amazon! Definitely a popular one and one of the first toys that Henry could actually grab and teeth on.
    • Light Up Drums – Henry loves hitting this and making the music and lights go off. Great for their coordination!
    • Jumperoo – Definitely Henry’s favorite item at the moment AND possibly ours too because he’s contained in one spot! He loves jumping in this and it’s a great way for him to get some energy out!



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