5 Tips for an Easy Thanksgiving Day Tablescape

Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK.


Are you ready?! Well if you aren’t, do not fret! Whether you are having people over to your house or you are just celebrating with your initial family, a Thanksgiving day tablescape is definitely do-able last minute. Here are my 5 tips for creating a fun and beautiful table without breaking the bank:

  1. USE WHAT YOU HAVE: For the centerpiece, use some fall decor that you already have! Pumpkins are still ok for Thanksgiving so if you have some small pumpkins laying around, add those to the table. I took one of our fall garlands that we were using as decor around our doorway and placed that in the center of our table (I got it from Kirklands).
  2. CANDLES CANDLES CANDLES: I took some candles from around our house and scattered them throughout the center of the table. Candles just add a certain romantic and holiday flare in a very easy way!
  3. YEAR ROUND PLACEMATS OR TABLE RUNNERS:  The placemats pictured here, I bought last year from Target and the color combination is one that I highly recommend. They literally go with every season & holiday, making it easy to use them over and over. I found a similar option HERE. I also love the idea of a neutral table runner like this one. You can use this one for ANYTHING! Baby shower, birthday, Christmas or any holiday because it’s so neutral.
  4. PRETTY PANS: I had to showcase the Always Pan & Perfect Pot in this tablescape because the gorgeous colors add so much to the full look! (Both of these pans are on sale right now in a bundle deal for $100 off – I personally have both and LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. Super nonstick, pretty on the stovetop and very easy to clean).
  5. NEUTRAL DISHES: I love the idea of neutral plates because you can once again, use them for every holiday. Just add a fun pop of color with a napkin or name tag and you are good to go! The ones seen here are also from Our Place and are currently on sale as well!  (I got the wooden grateful cutouts seen here on Etsy!)


Keep scrolling to the bottom of this post for more tablescape ideas + pretty wine glasses for your table!







In the end, remember, it’s only a table. What matters the most is who’s around the table making the memories with you! Have a great Thanksgiving day week ahead!

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