6 Months with Henry

SIX months with our guy and honestly it’s been such a blast! He is still the chillest, happiest little baby and we can’t believe we’ve only known him for 6 months!

Month 5 and 6 were big ones for us as we completely weaned from breastfeeding, started on some solids and went through our stash of frozen breastmilk. Henry is 100% formula fed now and he’s never acted like he knew the difference between formula and milk at all. It’s been a very smooth transition and I touch more on our weaning process in the bottom of this post if you are interested!

Below is our current schedule that goes as planned maybe 75% of the time because you know…life!



7-9am – wakes up and eats his first 8oz formula bottle of the day (we use this formula), plays for about an hour or two (he loves this jumper) and goes back down to sleep

9:30am -11am – nap #1 of the day

11am – 1pm – wakes up, plays again and has his second feeding of the day – this is usually a 6-8 ounce bottle – he will then play some more (he loves practicing his sitting and playing with these blocks)

1pm – 3:30pm – nap #2 of the day

3:30pm – 4pm – third feeding of the day – usually 6-8 ounces

4pm – 5:30pm – plays/hangs out with us

5:30pm – 6:30pm – nap #3 of the day – his shortest little nap

6:30 – bath

7pm –  fourth & final bottle of the night – 8 ounces

7:30pm – bed! He sleeps in his crib, through the night in this sleepsack




1.) How did you go about the weaning process and how did you know it was time to wean?

When Henry moved to 8 oz feedings, my supply just wasn’t keeping up! And then I traveled to Mexico away from him for 4 days and that definitely started to lower my supply as well. I just felt like it was time to start introducing formula and start the weaning process slowly at about 4 months. I chat more about it in his 4 month post here if you want to read more!

As far as lowering my supply, I only pumped when I started to feel really full and I only pumped a little bit each time to get my body used to the weaning process. Each day I needed to pump less and then it went to every other day and so on until I didn’t have any more milk left. I’d say it took my body about a full month to be fully weaned and adjusted to not breastfeeding or pumping anymore.

2.) Sleeping tips please!

The only tips I have are a good sound machine (we use this one for Henry) and either a swaddle or sleep sack that they feel comfortable in! I’ve never done any sleep training, so I can’t speak to that but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it working for a lot of people! I think that I’ve really been blessed with two kids who just love their sleep. Haha! We put Henry down for sleep every night around 7:30pm so he’s used to a schedule which helps too!

3.) What is Henry liking as far as solids? 

Not much….lol! He’s really not into pureed food but is loving strawberries, bananas and these little rice crackers. We are hoping to introduce more solids this month!

4.) Does he ever cry?

HA! Of course! It’s just rare…if he cries, he’s usually hungry or hurting. He’s literally the world’s happiest baby!

5.) Does Henry use a paci and which ones if he does?

Yes he does! He uses this one, which are the same ones we used for Eloise.


*all items collaged above, linked HERE*


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