4 Months with Henry

I was pregnant for 9 months, blinked and now here we are. Well at least that’s how it feels to me! I can’t BELIEVE we have a 4 month old. Henry is a DREAM baby. Happy 95% of the time unless he is hungry. We are so lucky.

Below is the tentative schedule we try to follow each day and per usual, sometimes it goes just as planned and sometimes it doesn’t! As of now, we are still trying to stick to the 8/11/2/5/8 feeding time schedule with him getting anywhere from 30-35 ounces a day!


7-8am – wake up and breastfeed for about 10 minutes, plays for about 30 minutes to an hour and goes back down

9am -10am – nap #1 of the day

10 – 11am – will wake up, play again and have his second feeding of the day – this is usually a 4-6 ounce bottle that I’ve pumped during his first nap

11am – 12 – play time, walk, hang out

12-1 – nap #2

1-2pm – third feeding of the day – usually 3 ounces of breastmilk and 3 ounces of formula

2:30 – 4pm – nap #3

4:00 – 5pm – fourth feeding of the day

5pm – 7pm – play time and sometimes will nap, sometimes won’t!

7pm-8pm –  fifth & final bottle of the night – 6 ounces of mixed breastmilk & formula


* personalized crib sheet is from Caden Lane *


Why we started adding in formula:

My milk supply started to be all over the place at the beginning of August. Some days I can get 10 ounces out in a sitting, sometimes I can get four. We started traveling a ton in August so I’m sure that had something to do with it, (I went away for 4 days to Mexico without Henry), so we just decided to start introducing formula as we wanted to be able to feed him bottles on the go at all times. I also wanted to make sure that he was getting enough as he’s definitely a growing boy!

I also just honestly felt like it was time to start the weaning process. It’s hard to describe but I felt that way with Eloise at 8 months and I felt that way with Henry at 4. Each kid is different, your body is different each time and at the end of the day, breastfeeding is freaking HARD. I’m just so happy I was able to stick to it for this long a second time around!

We used the same formula we did with Eloise which is Earth’s Best Organic in the red can, and it took his body about a week or two to get use to it. He showed no difference in recognizing a new taste or anything and can now fully just drink a formula bottle if needed. I’m still pumping in the morning and at night and getting about 8 ounces each time!


I  remember the months between 3-5 months being some of the hardest but most joyful with Eloise and I still feel that way now with Henry. Hard as in they still can’t do much on their own such as sit or play, yet are awake for more hours in the day so they need more attention from you. The only time I really can get anything done is when he is napping, and then it’s GO TIME. HA! But on the flip side, they are really learning to belly laugh, recognize you and interact more. It’s the best feeling!

If any mamas are reading this and feeling super tired, overwhelmed, or that they can’t get anything done, just know that this phase is not forever. They will soon be able to do things without your help and you’ll be wishing for those cuddle times back. Try and embrace it. Who needs a clean house anyways?!


Above is a collection of all of Henry’s favorite and most used items as the moment! You can also click HERE to view them all!

He’s getting to the point where he can sit up by himself in this little chair, hang on to toys such as this one here and he still continues to spend a ton of time playing and loving his little piano.

We still use all Hello Bello diapers and wipes (you can get 20% off your first order with this link here) and we are still wildly OBSESSED with all things Kyte Baby (seriously the softest fabric!)

Last night was our first official night out of the swaddle and in the crib…it was a long night as he was up twice ready to party, but I have hopes that it will get better with more practice. He slept in this sleep sack here for the first time – I’ll keep you updated on whether or not it continues to work for him or not!


I hope this was helpful for any other mamas out there! If you missed any of other Henry posts, you can find them below:









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