The First Two Months with Henry Hudson

But for real….where has the time gone?!

I got teary eyed yesterday as I thought of Henry being 2 months old already.

What a dream baby! We literally could not have asked for anything better.

He’s been basically sleeping through the night since about week 3 (at least 5-6 hour stretches then and does about 7 hour stretches now at week 8) and he basically only cries if he’s hungry. My breastfeeding journey with him has also just been so different than it was with Eloise. He’s way more calm, gentle and I also have a better idea of what I’m doing being a second time mom. I wrote THIS POST HERE when Eloise was 6 months old about my breastfeeding journey and a lot of the tips still ring true with Henry.




5:30 or 6am – wakes up for feed #1, eats for about 10-12 minutes and then goes back to sleep

8:30-9am: wakes up for feed #2 & to be changed (after this feed, I will pump about another two 5 oz bottles to either freeze or save in the fridge for the next couple of days)

9:30 – will play on his kick and play piano or just hang out in his Dockatot or Baby bouncer chair

10am – 12:30  – sleeps

12:30 – feed #3 (I will pump another 5 oz bottle after this feed and freeze it)

1:30 – 4pm – sleeps

4pm – feed #4

5-7pm – sleeps

7pm – bath

7:30pm – feed #5

8- 9pm – play time, hangs with us, etc.

9-10pm – sleeps (around 9:30pm I will pump two 5 oz bottles – I will freeze one and then feed the other one to him around 10pm).

10-10:30PM – final feed #6 with a 5 oz bottle (I like giving him a bottle before bed because it’s a little bit more of a calm feeding and I can see exactly how much he is eating. Also with the bottle, Bryan can do this feeding if I want to take a shower or do other things around the house to get ready for the next day).

10:30pm – goes down in his swaddle in the halo bassinest to sleep and will sleep until about 5:30 or 6am


** remember, this is our ideal schedule. Does it happen everyday like clockwork? No. But we try our best to be flexible and work around and towards this schedule goal every day!

** all items seen above linked HERE **




  • How do you have such a great milk supply?
    • I had a great milk supply with Eloise too so I think I’m just lucky in that department BUT I will say that I do notice a greater supply after I drink a Liquid IV packet. Watermelon and Acai Berry are my favorite flavors and I will normally drink one packet a day usually in the morning or before bed. I FINALLY got a discount code for you all from them that will get you 25% off if any of you mamas want to see if it helps you too! (Use this link HERE and code “ASHDONIELLE” will get you 25% off!)



  • How did you get Henry to sleep through the night already?
    • At about week 3, he started sleeping from about midnight until 5-6am and we were thrilled. Not every night but about 5 nights a week which I’ll take!  I think there were a couple of contributing factors to this.
      • 1.) We only put him in his swaddle for that final sleep. We don’t use a swaddle at all during the day and wanted him to know that when we put the swaddle on, it was time for a long sleep! He definitely knows and understands the difference between day and night now because of it. (We swear by the Ollie Swaddle – it’s a very hot seller right now and they can’t keep them in stock so if you are able to get one, congrats! We’ve used these velcro swaddles too and love them as well, the Ollie is just amazing quality that lasts a long long time! If anything, don’t mess with regular swaddles that fall apart, go with a velcro option!)
      • 2.) Giving him a breastmilk bottle that I pumped prior before bed has been helpful too I think! I can actually see how much milk he is getting and it’s more of a relaxed feeding.
      • 3.) Sound machine – we have a few sound machines that we love! We personally use the Hatch sound machine and alarm clock, Eloise uses this sound machine, and we use this one for Henry. It’s small, portable and definitely helps him sleep soundly.


  • How do you feed Henry a bottle out and about without using formula?
    • This is a hot question! So this is what I do if we are planning on going out anywhere for the day – I’ll feed him right before we leave on one side a pump 5oz into a bottle out of the other breast. I’ll then pack that 5oz bottle in his diaper bag or little cooler depending on where we are going and feed it to him when it’s time when we are out an about. I follow the rule that milk can be left out at room temperature for 4-6 hours and we’ve never had any issues!


  • Is Eloise really that good with Henry or have you had any issues with her and the transition?
    • I’m not going to lie, we were slightly worried about this but what you see on the gram is our real life. She’s literally had no issues whatsoever and is so so sweet with him. We knew she would be a great big sister but we weren’t expecting her to be this good. We are very very lucky! (One tip that I think helped is that we’ve been talking about Henry joining our family for the entire 9 months. I think she got use to the fact that there was someone else coming and it actually made her excited. I think the 3 year age gap helps as well!)

** all items seen above linked HERE ** 

I hope this was helpful for some of you new mamas! Remember, do what works best for YOU. You’ve got this!


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  1. Amanda Fender
    June 22, 2021 / 12:14 pm

    Great schedule! How/where does Henry sleep during the day for naps without a swaddle? Does his startle reflex not wake him?

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