What I Packed & Actually Used in My Hospital Bag for Baby #2

2 weeks with our sweet Henry and I feel like we are getting into the groove as a family of 4! It is literally the best feeling ever and we just can’t get enough.

Now that we are home, I wanted to get a blog post up with what we used the most in our hospital bag this time around. We packed light and literally the only thing I wish we had packed that we didn’t have was mints/gum. Don’t forget the mints or gum….haha! My mouth was so dry the whole time while I was in the hospital, I was just craving those two things!

I have an older post that I did when Eloise was born on our hospital bag essentials that you can read HERE but I wanted to give you all an updated one as some things were slightly different with Henry!

I made this little collage 3 days after coming home from the hospital! These were the items we used the most while we were there.

  • Slip on sandals, mules or slippers are a MUST. You will not feel well enough to bend over and tie shoes or pull a shoe on…just go with easy. I brought two different pairs that were easy to wipe down and clean. I wore both and was so so happy I brought them with me.


  • THESE TANKS! I wore these almost my entire pregnancy and postpartum time with Eloise so I was so excited that they were still in stock for my pregnancy this time around. They are maternity but are so so stretchy so you can wear them postpartum too even if you are breastfeeding. They are stretchy enough to pull right down under the breast for feeding time and are just very comfortable. (I like the size medium for length and you can’t beat the price tag!).



  • BLANKET– don’t forget it! It honestly might be my #1 pick of what to bring with you….the sheets and blankets at the hospital just aren’t that comfy so it’s SO nice to have a super soft blanket from home! It really makes the biggest difference!


  • Lip balm/Chapstick – just put this next to the gum and mints! Your mouth and lips get so so dry during labor and after so I was constantly using lip mask!


  • Liquid IV & snacks from home – Bryan was a huge fan of this one and honestly I used the liquid IV way more than I thought because I was so dehydrated. Also, when you are breastfeeding, you are so so thirsty all the time…at least I am! We brought our own water bottles from home (these ones are my favorite and keep your drink cold for DAYS) and made liquid IVs a bunch of times while we were there. I could definitely feel the difference after I drank one, highly recommend! As far as snacks go, we ate almost everything we brought. Definitely bring snacks as the nurses are sometimes too busy to bring you something when you need it! LIQUID IV DISCOUNT CODE IS “ASHDONIELLE”


  • As far as clothes go, I brought two pairs of the Nordstrom pajamas and wore both pairs – one on each day. They are so so comfortable, breathable, cooling and I wear one of the Target tanks under the button up top for easy feeding access. (I wear my true size small in the pajama set and they are a loose fit). The Soma cooling pjs are a great option as well! On the way home from the hospital, I wore this $25 Target jumpsuit and it was PERFECT. It has a snap on the chest for easy feeding access and feels like pajamas! (I like the loose fit of my true size small). 


  • Bras – I found myself using these ones the most while I was in the hospital because they weren’t constricting and were very comfortable to sleep in. They don’t provide a lot of support so if you are looking for more of that, I’ve also been using these nursing ones at home too and love them!


  • Hair ties/Bobby pins – don’t forget these! You’ll want to have your hair up and out of the way at some point. My absolute favorite hair ties are the Gimme Beauty ones – just trust me on this one!


  • HOSPITAL BAG – Bryan and I both used the Logan & Lenora bags for our hospital stay. I can’t recommend these bags enough. They are easy to carry, fit a ton and are machine washable! We used the large duffle bag and it fit everything we needed & more. We also brought Henry’s diaper bag filled with his things and it was the perfect size.



  • VAVA light – We’ve used this since we’ve been home but in the hospital we just used the lights above the bed on the call light.
  • Frida Kit – I definitely used some of the Frida products when I got home but while at the hospital, they provided me with everything I needed. For the Frida products, I used the ice maxi pads, underwear & witch hazel pad liners the most! A little tip that helped me….make sure you have Tucks at home and take home as much as you can from the hospital…disposable underwear, pads, chucks, etc…you’ll definitely use them up at home!
  • Haakaa – My milk didn’t come in until I  got home, so I didn’t need this.
  • My long phone charger – Bryan & I both just used our portable chargers as it was easier to move around the room without having long cords plugged into the wall.
  • Nipple Cream – so if you need this, the hospital has it. I used tubs and tubs of this when I had Eloise and was breastfeeding…..I  haven’t needed it once this time around. So crazy how different my breastfeeding experience has been with Henry. Very easy and pain free which is crazy to think about!
  • Towel – When I had Eloise, I  brought my own towel to the hospital and definitely used it. This time around, the hospital that we were at actually had nice towels so I just used the one provided to take a shower.
  • Boppy Pillow – We used this like crazy in the hospital when Eloise was born but we didn’t use it once this time around with Henry. I used it mostly to help with my breastfeeding with Eloise and she loved sitting in it as well.

Hopefully this helps some of you new mamas pack your bag! If this is your first time having a baby, I always say, bring more than not enough. It will help ease your nerves to be prepared and if you don’t use something, it’s not the end of the world!



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  1. Christine
    August 2, 2021 / 9:38 pm

    Getting ready to pack my hospital bag for baby number 2 and definitely plan to go more minimal this time! Do you have a post on what you packed and used for Henry?

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