Which Razor is Better? Billie or Athena?!

Whoo hoo! I can finally share the two rival products I’ve been testing out for you all this past month!

As most of you know, I love my Billie razor and have been using it for over a year with no issues + loving the shave and convenience. When I  started hearing more and more about the Athena razor and starting seeing a ton of people switch over, I had to test them both out for myself to see what the actual difference was! I also started getting questions from you all about which one was better so I wanted to be able to give you a good and honest report!

Let’s chat about the similarities:

  • Both are subscriptions – aka you start with a razor kit and can get blades + refills of products shipped right to your door monthly, bimonthly or whenever you want.
  • Both are $9 to start and both razor kits come with a handle, two blades, and a magnetic holder for the shower with free shipping.
  • Both come in multiple color options
  • Both are nickel free
  • Both have 5 blades on each cartridge
  • Both are made in the USA

Let’s chat about the differences:

  • The Athena razor refills are $12 for 4 blades and the Bille razor refills are $9 for 4 blades – both free ship
  • The Athena has a small amount of shea butter & “an exclusive skin soothing serum” on each razor head to ensure a smooth shave. The Bille has charcoal shave soap on each razor head to give your skin a deep clean with the charcoal while ensuring a smooth shave as well.


So, as you can see, there are a TON of similarities and very few differences! Now remember, everyone has very different skin types. Someone’s skin may be more sensitive than someone else’s, or more dry, making their preference of razor THEIR preference! You have to find which one works best for YOU.


Honestly, they were both super similar in my opinion. I shaved each leg with a different razor each time and both felt the same to me and I would have never known they were two different razors. My hair grew back the exact same at the same rate with each razor and to be honest, I really didn’t see a crazy difference in these two razors or shaves.  I will say that the Athena shaving cream is WAY better than the Billie’s (foams up a lot more) and the Bille facial wipes are better than the Athena’s by a landslide! (Remove makeup better and have no scent – the Athena wipes had a weird scent to me).  I also love the travel case option that is only $5 with the Bille!

So my final pick? I’m just going to stick with my Billie subscription but you really can’t go wrong with either. They are both great, convenient and give you a really smooth nice shave. Is one of them crazy better than the other? I didn’t think so! Is a razor subscription of some sort worth it?! 100%!


UPDATE: Athena reached out to me with a discount code for you which is something I’ve never been able to get with Billie, SO if price is the biggest pull for you, you can get the Athena starter kit for only $5 + free ship with my code “ASHLEY”. 



  1. Ashley
    February 4, 2021 / 8:16 pm

    I love that you did a post on the comparison. I went and bought the Billie when all the influencers grabbed them, and honestly loved it. THEN of a sudden I started seeing Athena pop up and I’m like what the heck (in my head). So I cancelled Bille ordered Athena and since cancelled that. You definitely sold me on going back to Billie. I really did like it and I love the travel case. So again thank you Ash for doing this

  2. Wendy
    March 19, 2022 / 12:42 pm

    I am so glad you did this detailed comparison for us! I have a Billie subscription and have been wondering if I should switch to Athena (FOMO😜), but now I will happy stay with my Billie. Thank you Ashley!

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