January & February Beauty Product Review

Wow wow wow! HOW is it the end of February you guys?!

Less than two months and I’ll be a mom of two little ones…crazy!

My monthly beauty roundup and product review is here and there are so many awesome new finds and some are just “ok”. I decided to combine the January and February reviews into one post since I really only fully tested about 4-5 products in January.

Let’s dive in!


Athena Razor:

I won’t go into too much detail on this one because I did a FULL blog post review on this razor and the comparison with the Billie razor that you can read about HERE last month. It’s been one of my most viewed blog posts since I’ve started blogging which makes me so happy that it’s been helpful to all of you!

Overall review: Loved it but found it to be very similar to the Billie with really no stand out difference.


Dime Beauty Thirsty Face Mist

I’m a huge lover of a good face mist and this one from Dime Beauty was a good find! First off, I love that it’s made with safe ingredients and good to use while pregnant. Second, I love how the product feels and how much is dispensed which each spray… very refreshing! Third, it’s 25% off right now with my code ASH25 if you want to try it out!

Overall review: Loved it and will definitely be purchasing again. I spray it on every morning before my skincare routine to prep my face for makeup and I’ve used it at night after washing my face for an extra burst of hydration.


Tula pH Toner Pads:

Whoo hoo! These were such a nice product add from Tula this year! They’ve needed some sort of toner pad or exfoliating pad to make it’s debut and this one didn’t disappoint.

Overall review: ABSOLUTELY loved! These are perfect if you just want to run a toner over your face in the am or at night (there is NO exfoliation aspect to it), so it’s very gentle on the skin and helps shrink those pores. My only complaint, the pads could be slightly thicker. They are a little flimsy and can roll while you are using them but still not a deal breaker for me.

(Code ASHDONIELLE gets you 15% off the Tula site)


Flamingo Shaving Foam:

This was a random Target pickup for me last month and to be honest, it’s a fabulous $5 shaving cream option! Super creamy and foamy adding a great layer of coverage while shaving.

Overall review: Will definitely purchase again, especially at that price. Great for sensitive skin & adds hydration!



Golden Belly Serum:

Hello good find! This one is for my pregnant mamas and it’s a MUST! I’ve been using this belly serum oil on my belly each night with this lotion and the combo has been fabulous for my growing baby bump skin. I’m hoping that by using these two products I prevent stretch marks as they are both definitely helping with that skin stretch itch SO MUCH. I’m almost 8 months in with no signs of stretch marks so I’ll take that as a win!

Overall review: love love love! I’m also a huge fan of the ingredient list! Definitely one of my favorite pregnancy finds to date.


Sky High Mascara:

Alright, the main reason you all are here! haha! No, but really, you gals should see your reviews of this cult favorite/tik tok popular mascara! (Seriously, it’s sold out almost everywhere so if you see one, grab it to try). Your reviews were all over the place! Some of you think it’s the best, some of you HATE IT and some of you just thought it was ok.

My overall review: I really liked the look of my lashes after 2 coats of this. I loved the brush and how flexible it is (some of you hated this part) and overall I think it’s a really really good drugstore mascara for only $8! The one thing I really didn’t like and a reason for my to not want to use it….. the removal process. I literally checked at least 3 times to make sure I didn’t get waterproof after having issues trying to remove it. It’s hard to get off if you use just a face wash and water at night. IF you use a makeup remover every night, then this won’t be an issue for you. I  personally just don’t like rubbing my eyes ever so this was a major negative for me!


EVER Vitamin C Booster:

Finally! A Vitamin C product that doesn’t dry my skin out! You guys….I’ve tried everything. Every Vitamin C lotion or serum, including my all time favorite brand Colleen Rothschild, has left my skin flaky and so so dry. This is a new EVER product (they make my absolute favorite Quench hydrating booster) and it is absolutely amazing. Instead of drying out your skin, it actually adds hydration while giving you the Vitamin C effects of brightening and spot fading.

Overall review: LOVED IT and worth every single penny in my book! This bottle will last you about 5-6 months and I highly recommend if you are looking for a Vitamin C product with hydration. Only negative – the price tag BUT I don’t put a price tag on good skin products AND this one bottle will last you for half a year so it’s a great investment in my opinion.

Tao Ona Facial Brush:

Hands down one of my favorite finds this month by far! I’ve heard about this brush from a ton of other bloggers and finally decided to try it out for myself. WOW, is really all I can say. I double cleanse about 3-4 times a week and this brush right here cleans my skin better than any double cleanse with just soap and water. It exfoliates, takes off dead cells, deeply cleans your pores and just leaves your skin so so shiny, tight and clean.

Overall review: HIGHLY recommend and one of my top 3 finds of the month. I reached out for a discount code for you all if you wanted to try it yourself and they gave me a 50% off link HERE.  I’ve been using it about 3 times a week and absolutely love it.

It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better Foundation:

It was about time I tested out a new foundation for you all! Honestly, foundations are so so hard! I love my Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush foundation so much but it sometimes can just go on so thick depending on how my skin is acting each day. I feel like I’m not married to it so trying out this It Cosmetics one was an easy yes for me!

Overall review: A great lightweight foundation that gives you light to medium coverage! It literally feels like you are wearing nothing but covers up those imperfections and redness really well. Doesn’t go on cakey and doesn’t leave you oily thoughout the day. This will be a great one for summer! They gave me a code to get you 20% off if you wanted to try it out. I use shade light neutral 22.

(Code “ASHLEY20” will get you 20% off)


Pantene Nutrients Hair Care Line:

I won’t spend too much time on this one either as I did a full blog post review on it HERE that you can check out!

Overall review: A great drugstore hair care line that is sulfate free and doesn’t weigh you hair down! Totally recommend if you are looking for hair products under $10.

Tarte Juicy Amazonian Clay Palette:

Another one of my favorite finds this month! I love the colors in this palette and it’s HUGE! They created a bundle deal that gets you the full size palette, plus a full size gloss, plus a full size Shape Tape for under $60 with my code ASHDONIELLE15. A really great deal!

Overall review: Love it! Next to the Tarte Bloom Palette, it’s one of my favorite Tarte palettes they’ve made!

So many great new finds these past two months! I’m loving this new series and I hope you all are too! If you missed my previous beauty reviews, you can check them out below:




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