7 Affordable Beauty Finds with Walmart

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Walmart fan!

From beauty to fashion, Walmart just has so many great affordable finds that are GREAT quality. I’ve shared some Walmart beauty finds on here before but I tested out some new ones this month too that I’m a huge fan of! I mean, look at those cute lipsticks!

Let’s dive into some OG beauty finds from Walmart and some new ones!

Sweater is a Walmart find as well! 

Tresemme Between Washes Dry Shampoo:

I’m starting with this one because I’ve used it the longest! If you have followed me for some time, you probably already knew that this dry shampoo would be included in this post. It’s hands down my #1 pick when it comes to an affordable option of dry shampoo! Has a great smell, actually absorbs oil, adds volume and is under $10!


Milani Nourishing Lip Gloss:

A fabulous affordable lip gloss option! Not sticky, stays on for quite a while and doesn’t dry out your lips. My favorite shades are “Soft Rose”, “Champagne”, “Pink Quartz” & “Almost Natural”.


Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter:

Another product I’ve used forever! This is a fabulous highlighter that looks gorgeous on the skin and stays on all day! Best news is that it’s under $8!


L’Oreal Lash Primer:

I was very surprised with this! It honestly is way better than some that are over $30, making it a great affordable option if you are looking for a reasonable primer. It didn’t dry too fast, made my lashes longer and it’s under $7 on the Walmart site. I also love that it didn’t leave my lashes clumpy the next day either!


L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara:

If you are looking for a new mascara that is under $10, both of the options I’m about to share are great options depending on what you are looking for in a mascara. This one is great if you like a lighter mascara and a smaller brush. I had to use two coats to get the look that I wanted but I loved how it wore throughout the day (no flaking or smudging) and is a great find for under $10!


L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara:

This is another great under $10 option that reminds me exactly of a mascara that’s over $25! This one has a thicker brush and I only needed one coat to get the full look I wanted. It also wore well throughout the day without flaking or smudging.


Almay Lip Vibes Lipstick:

These are totally new to me and I’m so excited about this find! These are FABULOUS lipsticks for $6 that stay on for about 2 hours, go on very smoothly and keep your lips hydrated. I absolutely love the shade “120 Go Wild” as it’s the perfect pinkish nude and shade “290 Girl Boss” is a great pop of pink color for summer!


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