Tarte Mascara Review

So many Tarte mascaras, which one to choose?! That’s what I started asking myself and then thought…I  should test them all out over a couple of weeks and then share the info I found with all of you in case any of you gals were wondering this same thing!

Now, here’s the thing. Everyone is so different. Maybe you don’t want bold lashes. Maybe you want delicate lengthy looking lashes. Maybe you only use waterproof mascara. There are so many different options and you have to find what works for YOU. Here’s my review & opinion of 4 different Tarte mascaras + my most used It Cosmetics one. Hopefully you find it helpful!


If you want curled lashes without using any tools, this mascara is for you. It’s kind of crazy how much this mascara can just naturally give your lashes a great lift with no heat! I love this one and found it to be my #2 pick of the bunch! I felt like it really lengthens, lifts and gives you full looking lashes without a ton of product.



Ok, this might be my favorite of the four BUT only because I like a lot of product and thick bold lashes. The brush is big and I can see some people not liking that but for me, I loved it! It didn’t flake or smudge throughout the day, and was easy to wash off at night. I feel like this is a good buildable mascara too, so the more layers, the bigger your lashes get. My #1 pick of the four!



Another great one! If you are looking for a skinnier brush that really separates and lengthens lashes, this one is for you! I felt like I had to put 2 coats on to get the “thicker” look I wanted but loved how long my lashes looked after the application. It didn’t smudge, flake or smear all day and overall is a great option.



My least favorite of the bunch and I was actually really surprised! I didn’t like the smaller brush and tiny bristles and I  felt like it made my lashes look skinny and small (if that makes sense! Ha!). I  know some people that swear by this one, but it just wasn’t for me. Now is it terrible?! No, not at all. I just felt like I needed like 3-4 coats to make it look the way I wanted it too. (It also did flake under my eyes after about 6 hours).


If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that my holy grail mascara is the It Cosmetics Superhero mascara. It gives me big bold lashes, isn’t hard to wash off and doesn’t flake throughout the day. The only complaint I have about the It Cosmetics is that the tube gets messy after about a month of use, but it’s doable because it really makes my lashes look the best. If I could only choose one mascara, it would still probably be this one BUT the Big Ego by Tarte is a super close match!



I have two more lash tips for you gals that really make a HUGE difference in how your lashes look everyday:

1.) PRIMER: If you aren’t putting a primer on your lashes before your mascara, you are missing out. It is a game changer and will make your mascara last longer throughout the day + lengthen your lashes. My go-to primer for years has been the Subversion by Urban Decay but I switched over to the Marc Jacobs one about 3 months ago to try it out. Both are great, but the Marc Jacobs one can get messy fyi. The Tarte one is another great option. Works well and has a small delicate brush that gets all of your lashes evenly.  I’m testing out the ever so popular Lancome one this month, so I’ll keep you all updated!


2.) LASH SERUM: Another thing I swear by that works really well to give you longer, thicker and conditioned lashes. I LOVE the Neulash Lash Enhancing Serum as it really does give you crazy gorgeous lashes but it is pricey! You also aren’t suppose to use it while you are pregnant. The only other lash serum that I’ve found that does work well is the one from Dime Beauty. It’s also very affordable and made with clean ingredients so it’s what I’m using right now since I’m pregnant!

Hopefully this post was helpful to some of you and helps you find what mascara works best for you & your lashes!

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