Baby #2 Coming in April 2021!

We are so excited to finally share the news with you all! We are expecting baby #2 in late April and we are over the moon! We can’t wait to see Eloise as a big sister (+ give her a friend for life) and we can’t wait to watch our family grow from 3 to 4.

It’s been SO hard to keep the news from you guys but we wanted to be safe and certain that everything was going smoothly before we announced to everyone. I’m 15 weeks & FINALLY starting to turn a corner and feel better. This time around the nausea was no joke for me so I’m happy that I’m feeling more like myself everyday. We are also very happy to report that the baby is looking good and strong so far….we are so thankful.

I’ll have a first trimester update up on the blog next week but until then, we will celebrate and share more over on Instagram stories! Thank you all for being here, for loving on our family and for just sharing in our lives everyday. We appreciate you all so so much!

Scroll down to see some of your top questions answered!


  • Are you going to find out the gender? 
    • Yes! We found out last week the gender of the baby and are so excited! We are going to do a fun little gender reveal with my family when they are here for Thanksgiving so we will share it with you all then too!


  • How does Eloise feel about it?
    • We are pretty sure that she doesn’t fully understand. She will talk about a baby being in my tummy but I don’t think she understands that an actual new human will be living with us soon! (hahah!)


  • Any names picked out?
    • Yes, we are pretty certain we already have a name!


  • How is this pregnancy different than your first?
    • This pregnancy is way different. I wasn’t really super nauseated or sick when I was pregnant with Eloise. I  actually really never felt different or pregnant until I started showing. With this pregnancy, I was super nauseated from week 7-12. I’m pretty sure I just survived off of bread and crackers. That’s really all I could stomach for a while. I also felt way more tired this time around…but hey, I’m 3 years older! HA!


  • I can’t believe you are 15 weeks! Are you showing yet?
    • I have a small bump that’s definitely starting to show up now! I had always heard that with your second baby you showed sooner but that hasn’t been the case for me this time around. I lost about 8 lbs in the beginning and I’m just starting to gain that weight back since my appetite is 100% now…thank goodness!


  • Was this a planned pregnancy?
    • Yes it was! We were going to wait until after our trip to Italy in May, but when that got cancelled with Covid, things changed. We’ve always wanted another baby, so it just seemed like the right time to start trying!


  • Adding maternity clothes to Target Tuesdays now?
    • I’m pretty much going to style and run things the same! If you followed me when I was pregnant with Eloise, I had a few maternity staple items and and all the other items were regular clothing pieces that I styled around the bump. I’ll continue to do the same this time around!


  • How has your skincare routine changed since pregnancy?
    • Things are still the same except I’ve taken out all retinol products. Mostly all of the Colleen Rothschild & Tula products I use are safe!


  • How did you tell your families since they are so far away?
    •  Facetime! Which is what we did for my parents, my sister and Bryan’s parents. It was very fun to see their reaction!


All of our outfit details from these photos can be found HERE.

And BIG thanks to Amanda Matthews Photography for capturing these amazing photos for us!

PS. I loved looking back on this post HERE when we announced we were pregnant with Eloise. It brought back so many fun memories!

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