My 10-15 Minute Current Makeup Routine

Happy Monday friends! I posted my fun & easy makeup routine in IG stories on Friday and the response from you all was amazing! I’m so happy that you all loved it and found it super informative. I had a ton of questions so I thought I would also create a blog post for you all as a reference if needed. Everything is linked up here with shades I use, how I use it and  your top asked questions are at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Step by step makeup routine:

Prep eyes & skin: I’ll use my Tula Rose Glow eye balm first thing before applying any makeup because it wakes me up and brightens my under eye area. I’ll then mix my Tula face filter primer with my Supergoop Matte sunscreen as a great base for my skin before adding any makeup. I usually wear the Supergoop Unseen sunscreen but got a sample of the matte one and have been loving it!

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Apply foundation & concealer: I then mix 2 pumps of my Charlotte Tilbury foundation in shade 6.5 with a dime size amount of my tinted moisturizer in shade medium and blend them into my skin with a damp beauty blender. The reason I mix the two is for a little bit more sunscreen application and I just like the way the two products blend together on my skin. After applying my foundation, I take my Tarte Creaseless concealer in shade 20N LIGHT under my eyes and blend it with the same damp beauty blender.


Powder, bronzer, blush & highlighter: I then take my Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Powder in shade “2 Medium” all over my face with my powder brush. Then comes my bronzer….aka my favorite part! I’ve been using the Tarte Cream Bronzer for over 2 months now and love love love it! I use the shade “Seychelles” and apply it with this brush. I then take this blending brush and make sure that the bronzer is blended well into my skin so that it creates contour but not harsh lines. I then add a pop of color on my cheeks with the Hourglass Blush in shade “Mood Exposure”. I  apply it with my Bobbi Brown brush that I’ve had for years. These brushes are investments but last forever! I then use the Fenty Beauty highlighter palette on the tops of my cheekbones and tip of my nose to brighten up my face. (This is a great drugstore highlighter option as well).


Eye primer & shadow: Next up is eyes! I use the MAC paint pot in shade “Painterly” all over my lids to prep for my eyeshadow and to hide fine lines and blood vessels. My most used eye shadow palette is the Tarte In Bloom palette (I also love MAC eyeshadows and Urban Decay Naked palettes) and used the holiday edition smaller In Bloom palette for this tutorial. I’m easy with my eyeshadow and usually only use a neutral color all over the lid and then a pop of brown in the corner of my eye.


Liner, Mascara and Brows: As far as liner goes, I love this one from Tarte because it’s a two for one! It’s a liquid liner on one side and pencil on the other. Goes on super smooth and doesn’t smudge throughout the day. Another main step in my makeup routine is lash primer. If you aren’t using a lash primer, try it! It helps your mascara stay on all day, not flake and really makes your lashes longer and fuller. I’ve been using the Marc Jacobs lash primer for a while now and love it! As far as mascara goes, I go back and forth! It Cosmetics Superhero was my go-to for a while and then I tried out Tarte’s Surfer curl and Gucci mascara. Both are great and the brush on the Gucci mascara is amazing for separating out lashes and making them look longer! For brows, I still use Gimme Brow by Benefit in shade 5.


Lips: This changes every single day, but the Tarte Juicy Lips, Fenty lip glosses and Buxom glosses are my go to easy lip colors. If I’m looking for an actual lipstick, Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury is a classic. (Really all Charlotte Tilbury lipstick colors are amazing!). I have a full post on MAC lip colors HERE and a full post on Charlotte Tilbury colors HERE.


Setting Spray: Last but not least, setting spray! I’ve been using this one from Tarte for over a month now and love it! It smells AMAZING and I think it works better than Urban Decays All Nighter setting spray.



  • What do you use to remove your eye makeup?
    • When I wash my face at night, my cleanser usually gets off all of my eye makeup! If I feel like it doesn’t at times or if I’m wearing more mascara then usual, those are usually the nights I double cleanse.


  • Link to your shirt?
    • Striped sweater I was wearing in my tutorial is linked HERE. (I sized up to a medium for a loose fit)


  • Do you bring your bronzer down on your neck so you don’t have a harsh line?
    • It depends! If I’ve used my self tanner on my neck the night before, then I don’t because my makeup matches my neck. If I haven’t self tanned, then yes, I’ll use either my Charlotte Tilbury bronzer or Hoola bronzer on my neck & chest.


  • Do you recommend anything for when makeup sunscreen stops working after 80 minutes?
    • I love the Defense Refresh Setting Spray from Supergoop. I can easily apply it throughout the day as it’s just a light mist on the face, it has SPF 40 in it and doesn’t leave you feeling oily or greasy.


  • Why do you use a damp beauty blender?
    • 2 reasons! 1.) because water causes the sponge to swell and it ensures your makeup won’t be absorbed, which results in less makeup waste and 2.) using it damp ensures that it blends the makeup seamlessly.






  • How often do you wash/get a new beautyblender?
    • I was it 1-2 times a month and replace it every 2-3 months.


  • My skin is oily by the end of the day. How do you keep it on all day?
    • It’s all about primer and setting spray. You have to find what works for best for your skin but those two products are key! Watch what lotion & foundation you use everyday too because if it’s making you super oily, you might need to switch it up. If you’ve tried everything, just carry a blotting powder in your purse and use it as needed throughout the day. Linking the one that I think works great HERE.


  • Do you curl your lashes before mascara?
    • I don’t and never have!



  • Do you self tan your face? If so, does your makeup still go on this good?
    • I  swear by these face tanning drops as they are the only ones I’ve tried that are good ingredients, don’t turn your face orange and don’t clog your pores. They give you a very natural glow! And yes, my makeup 100% looks better when I use these. I mix about 4 drops in with my moisturizer at night 1-2 times a week.


  • What makeup brushes do you use?
    • All the makeup brushes I used in the tutorial are linked HERE and shown in the picture below!


I hope this was helpful for you all! If you want to watch the actual videos on Instagram, I saved them to my highlights under the “makeup” tab.

Have a great start to your week!

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