5 Ways to Wear Leggings for Fall + My 3 Go-To Pairs

One of my frequently top requests in the fall season is always leggings posts! How to style them, with what, which brands are good, etc. Well here you go! I’m sharing my top 5 ways to wear them today (all so easy to recreate), and I’m sharing my top 3 go-to pairs! Looking for tops that are good & long enough to wear with leggings?! Scroll to the bottom of this post for a HUGE roundup. Enjoy!




Probably my all time favorite look. It’s perfect for travel, running errands, mom life and really anything. It’s comfortable yet cute and you can always take off the denim jacket and wrap it around your waist for a different look too. Below are some great denim jacket picks and all sweater/top options are found at the bottom of this post!




A great look to dress up or down! Add a graphic tee instead with some sneakers and you are automatically more casual. Below are some great flannel options (if you want more length in a flannel so that it covers your bum, just size up).




I love this look for rainy days. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve worn this type of outfit while traveling and exploring a new city. Comfortable, yet put together PLUS you stay warm and dry!

Below are some great coat options for leggings!



Moto Jacket/Tee/Leggings/ Sneakers

The biker casual chic look. Another one of my favorite ways to style leggings. So easy and you immediately look and feel cool. Trust me, just try it.

Below are a ton of moto jacket options that would work layered over any sweater or tee.




The easiest way to style leggings in my opinion. Find your favorite oversized sweater, throw on some leggings and either pair is down for a casual look with a sneaker or up with a classic booties or over the knee boot.

Below are some great oversized comfy sweater options.


Below are some great tees, tops and sweaters that all work with leggings.

(click HERE for the items in the collage above)


These are the pairs I wear the most, think are worth the hype and money and find the most comfortable.

1.) Lululemon Align Leggings: The leggings that have been my tried and trues for years. So lightweight, comfy and great for working out or lounging. Yes they are pricey but they last forever. Only thing is that they do pill in the inner thigh area after a while but I just use my fabric shaver and it fixes them right up! SIZING DETAILS: I wear a size 6 in these and the 28′ are my favorite length (I’m 5’4).


2.) Aerie OFFLINE Real Me Leggings: These were a new find for me last month and I’ve worn them constantly. I’ve since ordered 4 more pairs and personally think they are the closest dupe to the Align leggings I’ve ever tried! So so comfy, wash well, not see through and very very affordable. SIZING DETAILS: I wear my true size small in these, regular length (I’m 5’4).


3.) Spanx Faux Fur Leggings: Yes, these are pricey. Yes, I wear them constantly. They are definitely worth it in my opinion as they can be dressed casual OR dressed up. They also just add a level of chicness to any outfit. SIZING DETAILS: I size up one in this style and get a medium, regular length (I’m 5’4).

Code ASHXSPANX will get you 10% off the entire Spanx website for the rest of the month

**Sidenote: I wash ALL of my leggings on a delicate cycle & hang dry them, no matter what the brand ** 

There you have it!

SO many ideas for leggings that you can save, use as style inspo or pin to your Pinterest board!

And yes, leggings are appropriate all the time….it’s 2020, the year of the leggings!

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