Our Favorite Summer Wines

When the weather heats up, we make the shift from red wine to white wine or rosé. It’s one of our favorite times of the year!

In the last couple of months, we’ve had a ton of wine related questions come through so we thought we would do a roundup post for you all. Below are a handful of our favorite easy white wines and a few rosés (available everywhere…Target, Safeway, Krogers, Whole Foods, etc).  We are by no means wine experts, but these are just a few of our go-to favorites that you can buy in your local stores!  We also could have made a super extensive list after the amount of times we have been to Napa, but we thought we would start with a simple list with reasonable prices that all of you can find anywhere!


I’ve added links for reference to wine.com, and I’ll use the prices listed there, but these will vary based on where you are buying from, quantity, etc.


Kim Crawford – Sauvignon Blanc.  $16.99

  • Very easy drinker.  Fruit forward, but light enough that even Bryan enjoys it.  Make sure it’s cold! Pairs perfect with fish, salads, or by the glass!

Oyster Bay – Sauvignon Blanc. $13.99

  • I am partial to the Kim, but this is about $3 cheaper and is very good too! Less fruit but very fresh/crisp taste. Again make sure it’s cold. Would also pair well with most summer foods (ex: salads, fish, pasta salads, chicken).

Duckhorn – Sauvignon Blanc. $31.99

  • A step up in price, but man is this good.  Smooth, amazing fruit notes of lemon and pineapple.  I’d pair it with a smoked salmon or some grilled shrimp/vegetables and call it a day!  

Rombauer – Sauvignon Blanc. $28.99

  • We originally came to Rombauer (were members for years) for the Chardonnay and the Zin, but this ended up being one of our favorites.  It’s delicious! It has some really nice citrus flavor, but smooth, crisp and pairs amazingly with fresh fish.

Rombauer – Chardonnay. $38.99

  • The butter bomb.  I mean that with all due respect, this wine is fantastic.  Creamy, buttery, with some really nice fruit notes as well.  It’s an incredibly well balanced and delicious wine.  Another wine that would pair well with a lot, but is great on its own as well.

La Crema – Chardonnay. $17.99

  • Crisp, bright, fruit forward, but you can really taste the oak as well.  For the price, this is a great option.

AIX – Rose. $18.99

  • Very pretty pink color along with red fruit forward, sweet but not too sweet – makes this a very easy drinker and a crowd pleaser.  Perfect for a hot day by the pool or on the patio.  

Miraval – Rose. $21.99

  • Bought this for the bottle (which is beautiful) stayed for the wine.  Provence style wine, pink color, crisp and light.  A great gift for a host or to keep for yourself! This reminds us of the rosé wine we love in Paris!



And what pairs perfectly with a glass of white wine during happy hour? A good cheese board! Below are some cute cheese board options, as well as some of our favorite wine glasses & accessories.


If you have a favorite summer wine that we need to know about, please let us know in the comments below! As you probably can guess, we are always open to trying new wines!


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