3 Dr. Brandt Masks Reviewed + a Primer That Makes Your Pores Disappear

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! Cheers to a short week ahead!

The weekend might be over, but the Dr. Brandt’s site wide sale is still going strong. If you watched my Instagram stories last week,  you probably saw Bryan & I test out three Dr. Brandt’s masks that we had never used before. To be honest, it was so much fun AND our skin looked and felt amazing afterwards. If you missed those stories, you can head to my Instagram page (@ashdonielle) and watch them (saved to my “mask” highlight).



It’s no secret that I’ve loved a few Dr. Brandt’s products for a long while now so when there is a sale, I stock up. One item I never miss when it’s discounted is the Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer. You’ve most definitely heard me talk about this before as I think it is the best primer for filling in deep pores & helping you stay oil free in your t-zone. I use it on top of my moisturizer and it gives me a gorgeous flawless pore free look.


If you are in the market for a new facial mask, now’s a great time to grab one with this deal. Below is our review of all 3 of the masks we tried!

(seen using the Magnetight Age Defier Mask here)

1.) Vacuum Cleaner Mask

This one is a great option if you are looking to shrink, clean out pores and absorb excess oil. Bryan & I both felt that this mask worked super well, even after only one use. It does have a strong scent but man does it clean out your pores! If you have oily prone skin, give this one a try!

Results to expect: Unclogs pores, absorbs oil, and exfoliates skin. 


2.) Magnetight Age Defier Mask

Holy heck, this is one of the craziest masks I’ve ever used! And wow did it work great! Both of us kept commenting about how smooth our skin was after we were done. It comes with a little magnet which you hold over the face to remove the mask after 10 minutes. Such a crazy concept but so so cool. I highly recommend this one if you are looking to brighten up your skin, clean out impurities and help with anti-aging.

Results to expect: tighter skin, purified skin, helps reduce signs of aging, brightens skin and takes away the look of stressed skin.


3.) Oxygen Facial

Another fun one! If you haven’t done an oxygen facial yet, this one is a great one to try while on sale! Once you put it on your face, it starts to bubble up like shaving cream and you can feel a tingling sensation that is such a crazy feeling. This one definitely leaves your skin smooth & feeling refreshed.

Results to expect: Oxygenates and purifies skin, protects against toxins, helps fade lines and wrinkles and helps overall smoothness of skin. 


Hopefully this post helps you decided what you need for your skin at this time! Don’t forget to use code “FUN40” to get 40% off site wide!



** Thank you Dr. Brandt for sponsoring this post ** 

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