Supergoop vs. Tula Sunscreen Comparison

Well friends, today is the day!

The new Tula sunscreen has officially launched and I can tell you first hand that they have been working on this for YEARS! Two years ago when I  went to New York Fashion Week, I got the chance to go to the Tula home office and meet the team. It was so fun and I really loved how much every single one of the girls cared about ingredients, results and their customers! It was that trip that they first started talking about creating a sunscreen and here it is!

I’ve used Tula & Colleen Rothschild products for a couple of years now and absolutely love love love both brands but different products from each. You can read my most recent Tula products post HERE.

So as far as sunscreen goes, I’ve used the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen for many years and have loved how matte it is without making me oily throughout the day under my makeup. It goes on so lightweight and has just been one of the only sunscreen products that has worked for me besides the Kiehls Super Fluid Daily Sunscreen (I have a whole post about the Kiehls and the Supergoop HERE). So when I received the Tula sunscreen from them early last week, I knew I had to review the two!



Overall, both of these are AMAZING, it just depends on what YOUR skin needs.

Obviously the Tula sunscreen is a few dollars cheaper with my code, but the Supergoop sunscreen has slightly more SPF – Currently 20% off with code “SUMMER20” right now!

The Tula sunscreen is way more like a lotion and more moisturizing, as the Supergoop sunscreen is more like a primer texture and goes on more matte. IF you are more oil prone or don’t like a shiny, glowly look, the Tula Sunscreen might not be for you.

Like I mentioned, the Supergoop sunscreen goes on clear and matte while the Tula sunscreen goes on shiny with a glow. So for me personally, I love the Supergoop Unseen sunscreen the best! I love that it can act as a primer, doesn’t give me a dewy look and goes on clear. It also love that you don’t feel it on throughout the day. It literally feels like nothing is on your face but you are getting that SPF 40 protection.

You can’t go wrong with either of these and I hope this post was informative and helpful to all of you! No matter what….PLEASE wear your SPF daily! It’s important and as a nurse, it’s something that is so so simple to do everyday to protect your skin both from cancer and sun damage!

Have a great Tuesday!


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