My Updated Skincare Routine

I’ve been chatting with you guys for the past couple of weeks about all things skincare and you all have been loving it! Now more than ever with all the stress and anxiousness going on, it’s super important to take care of yourself and your skin! As you all know, I try out and test a TON of skincare products and I absolutely love it….but finding the perfect combo is sort of like cracking a code. Over the past month, I feel like I’ve finally found the perfect combo for my skin at the moment. Will that change? Probably. Will my exact products work for you?! I have no idea, BUT sharing what has worked for me, might help some of you find your perfect combo!

So here is a detailed post on my morning and night routine! For reference, I have combination skin….oily t-zone, chin and cheeks. The sides of my nose and temples are always extremely dry. I’m pretty blessed with clear skin, but if I’m having a breakout, it’s happening on my chin. With this current combo, I’ve had no breakouts and for the first time since I can remember, the sides of my forehead (temples) are not dry. That’s a huge win for me!


Let’s get into the deets!


– my morning routine –

O N EBeautycounter Toner Pads: Love these things! This is the first product I use on my face in the morning when I wake up. (I don’t wash my face with face wash normally in the am, I just use these). They are super refreshing, leave my skin prepped and ready and are made of clean ingredients.

T W O – Tatcha Dewy Skin MistI’ve always loved spraying my skin with some type of mist spray after using a toner. This one from Tatcha has been amazing! I love how good it feels on my skin and it definitely helps prep my skin for my makeup.

T H R E E – Quench (aka Dewy Goddess Gold)This is the product that inspired me to put together this post. Mostly because it’s absolutely amazing and has really been a huge game changer for my skin over the past month. It’s like a tall glass of water for your face, gives you the perfect dewy look without making you oily and helps your makeup products look better and last longer. If you need something to hydrate, brighten and make your skin look/feel overall amazing, get this! It is a more watery consistency than a serum and is meant to be added into your skincare routine am, pm or both depending on what your skin needs!

F O U R – The Ordinary Caffeine SolutionI’ve been testing this out this month under my eyes. I love how cold and refreshing it is on the skin and I do feel like it works well. I’m not sure if it works better than my Dr. Brandt’s product for puffiness, but it’s close!

F I V E – Tula Brightening Eye BalmI’m not sure how I lived without this product. I love it! It adds so much brightness under my eyes and is so refreshing in the morning. (use code ASHDONIELLE to get 15% off all Tula products). 

S I X – Tula Smoothing Primer Gel: Another new product for me but absolutely loving it so far. It is super cooling on the skin, fills in your pores and definitely makes  your makeup look smoother. I still love my Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More primer too and if you have super deep pores, the Dr. Brandt’s might work best for you. If you have discoloration or redness, the Tula Blurring Primer will cover the redness and work best for you! (use code ASHDONIELLE to get 15% off all Tula products). 


As far as sunscreen goes, I’ve used the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen for years and love it! My Charlotte Tilbury foundation also has sunscreen added in it as well.


– my nighttime routine –

O N E – Tula Purifying Face CleanserI’ve used this stuff for almost 2 years now and still love it! It gets all my makeup off, doesn’t dry out my face (a huge plus) and this big bottle lasts forever!

T W O – Tula Makeup Removing BalmAnother new product over the past month and what I’ve been using if I feel like I need to double cleanse OR if I’m on the go (traveling, etc). A little goes a long way and you don’t even need water to remove your makeup. It’s a genius product!

T H R E E – Tula Hydrating Day/Night CreamAnother product I’ve used forever. It’s a great lightweight moisturizer but also not super heavy. (use code ASHDONIELLE to get 15% off all Tula products ALSO, this will be one of Ulta’s beauty deals on Saturday March 21st and you’ll be able to get it at 50% off!). 

F O U R – Colleen Rothschild Retinol Eye SerumI love this eye serum as it’s extremely hydrating, a little goes a super long way and I actually feel like I see results with this!

F I V E – Lancome Genifique SerumAnother amazing product that adds so much to your skin! This serum has definitely smoothed out my skins texture and adds hydration at night. There is an awesome deal going on right now on HSN where you can get this product and the Lancome Visionnaire serum for under $100! You can grab that deal HERE.

S I X – The Ordinary “The Buffet”Last but not least, I add this product all over my face and neck. I recently added this product in about a month ago and I’m loving the way it makes my skin feel overall with the use of the other products. Bonus?! It’s super affordable!


If I’m going to be applying self tanner to my body, I use these AMAZING Ever skin tanning drops on my face mixed in with my moisturizer. You can read all about my process with them HERE.

– my “super dry” nighttime routine –

If I’m feeling extra dry or if my skin just needs a little “extra love” I will use these amazing three products from Colleen Rothschild after I cleanse with my Tula cleanser. I try to use this combo about 2-3 nights a week in place of my regular nighttime routine. The peel pads are incredible and leave your skin so much brighter (plus get off all the extra dead skin). And the combination of the Extreme Recovery Cream and the Face Oil N9 are so incredible. The face oil itself is liquid gold in my book, but in combination with the extreme cream, it adds SO much hydration!

Phew…..that’s a lot! But I take my skin very seriously…can you tell?! I hope this helps give you all some clarification or ideas on what might work best for your skin!


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