Tanning Drop Review

Tis the season for warmer weather and a nice summer tan! I pretty much have my all over self tanning routine down to a science but I’ve usually never self tanned my face. If you missed my “how to self tan” post, you can check out that HERE and last summer I tested out a ton of different tanning products and wrote a review about them all HERE. Both are super helpful posts if you are new to the self tan game!

In the past, I’ve usually just added a great bronzer and blended it into my neck to create a great summer tan look….until recently. I was really curious about the Isle of Paradise self tanning drops (you can use them on your face or body) and then these Ever ones were coming back in stock so I decided to give them both a try! I’ve heard so many great things about both of these products so I thought I would test them out and create a post to share with you all in case you are looking for a new self tanner product for your face as well.

Let’s get to it!


Ok…..if you watched my self tanning fail story on Instagram, it was with these bad boys. LOL. It doesn’t mean they are bad…I just had no idea what I was doing! I used 6 drops mixed into my moisturizer (it said 1-12 on the back so I thought I was being safe), and I used the dark option…not my smartest move but it made for a good laugh! This one smells tropical, is made of clean ingredients and has great reviews. Only issue….I did feel like this one was a little bit more orange tinted…aka if you over do it, you will look slightly like an oompa loompa. UPDATE: I have also heard from multiple friends that these clog their pores….I’ve only used them 3 times so I  didn’t have that issue, but wanted to let you all know!



These tanning drops follow the same concept as the IOP ones….a couple of drops mixed into your moisturizer and you have a great summer glow. The difference?! This tan looks like you’ve been in Hawaii. Less orange, way more natural and less room for error if you know what I mean! Unlike the Isle of Paradise drops, these ones come in only one shade so they are very buildable. The more drops you use, the more tan you look….you do you girl!

These ones also smell AMAZING! I’ve used them for almost 2 weeks now and have had no skin breakouts, dryness or any issues. I’ve been using 3 drops mixed in with my night moisturizer every 3-4 days and it gives me just the perfect glow!



The EVER drops!

 Slightly more expensive but to me, WAY more natural looking! Both products are the same in size and similar in consistency, I just overall like the look & smell of the Ever ones better! Both are great products with great reviews so it’s really up to what you want in a facial tan! Also, both of these products are not just for the face! You can mix a few drops with your body lotion and tan your full body as well. I’ve had yet to try that because I love my St.Tropez (you will always find this one cheaper at Walmart) and Loving Tan so much but will be trying it out soon just to give you gals an update!

The Ever drops were just released today (after selling out so fast last summer), so you can grab them here…..YOU WILL LOVE!

Now I’m off to the beaches of Mexico! (Where I will still be using the tanning drops because I never put my face in the actual sun…haha! Anyone else do that too?! Give me all the cute hats!)


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