Two New Billie Razor Items I’m Loving!

You gals know that my love for the Billie razor is REAL! I did a whole post around the holidays about the best $9 razor you will ever purchase (you can read that post HERE), and I was so happy to see that so many of you jump on board and grabbed a razor too! So, what are your thoughts so far?! I honestly haven’t heard one bad review from anyone and that’s because it truly is THE BEST! Spend $9 to get a starter kit (razor, 2 blades, magnetic holder) and then manage your razor blade subscription from then on out. Need new blades every month? Set it up that way. Need them every 3 months, no problem. They do that too.

The Billie team was nice enough to send me the shaving cream and the amazing travel case this month and oh my goodness, so so good! I’ve been crossing my fingers for a travel case and this one takes the cake. It has a a magnet in it as well so that you can put the razor inside of the case with one hand and it has holes on one side to let air flow through. A genius invention if I do say so my self!

The shaving cream is also VERY good! It definitely gets you a closer save, leaves you very moisturized and it smells amazing!

Still deciding if you really need a new razor?! Trust me on this one. You definitely do. And you need the ease of razors being delivered to your house without you even thinking about it. Goodbye cheap razors that leave you with razor burns and cost a fortune. Hello Billie!



** Thank you Billie for sponsoring this post **

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