The Golden Goose Sneaker Trend & Why I Love Them

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Why in the world would anyone spend such a fortune on dirty sneakers?! Are they worth it?! Can you explain the Golden Goose sneaker trend?! Can you find me an affordable dupe?!

After owning a couple of pairs of Golden Goose sneakers, I can say with 100% certainty that I LOVE ALL OF THEM and constantly wear mine all the time. They are extremely comfortable and I’m obsessed! So, let me answer some of your most important questions. Here we go!

Why would anyone want to spend that kind of money on shoes that are already dirty?

  • Trust me, this was my biggest question. If I was going to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes, I  wanted them to be crisp, clean and basically dipped in gold….haha! Joking but not 🙂 The fact of the matter is that this is what’s trending in fashion at the moment and to be honest, I actually love having the sneakers a little distressed. If you do scuff them up, no one can tell the difference. I’ve had Eloise step on my GG sneakers multiple times, I’ve spilled wine, beer and food on them and you can’t tell the difference.


What I love about them?

  • Besides the fact that these can go anywhere, get dirty and still look the same, here are some of the other reasons why I love them:
    • The comfort: These sneakers are hands down my go-to travel shoe and they have been for the last 6 months. They match with everything, are extremely comfortable, I can walk for MILES in them with no issues and I feel like I’ve already gotten my moneys worth based on how many times I’ve worn them.
    • The look: So I’m 5’4 and it’s hard from me to find sneakers that don’t make my legs look even shorter than they already are. These sneakers don’t make me look stumpy but actually make my legs look longer….which of course I appreciate! They also literally match with everything. I brought these ones on my Europe trip and honestly shouldn’t have packed any other shoes….I wore these the most!
    • The individuality: There are so many different & unique pairs so you can really have a great time finding the color, pattern and look of the sneaker you want!


Are they cheaper in Europe?

  • Yes! Because they are made in Italy, they are a little bit more affordable in Europe. With the VAT refund and conversion rate, they end up being about $100 – $200 cheaper over in Paris, Italy and all of Europe. I have some info on getting your VAT refund when you are traveling abroad in this post here if you don’t know what I’m referring too.


Is the SSENSE website a reliable site to buy GG sneakers?

  • Absolutely! I’ve order 3 pairs from them and have had no issues expect for a few day delay in shipping this past Black Friday. They are authentic GG sneakers and the SSENSE site is actually one of the best places to find them marked down during their sale! I’ve only spent full price on one pair of my GG sneakers and it was during a girls trip in NYC (YOLO), otherwise, I’ve gotten all my pairs from the SSENSE site or from Europe.


Do they run true to size?

  • All Golden Goose sneakers are in European sizing so it can be confusing. In all the Superstar style GG sneakers, I’m my true size 37 (6.5 or 7 in US sizing) and in the high top GG sneakers, I size down one and get a size 36. If you wear thick socks with the high tops, then get your true size. If you get your sneakers and they seem to slip, tighten the laces up. My first pair of Superstar slides I ordered in my true size 37 and they slipped so I thought they were too big. I returned them for a size down and my toe was touching the top of the shoe. So once I got my size 37 back and tightened the laces, they fit great.


Are there any great dupes out there?

  • First and foremost, I’m in NO WAY saying you need these shoes. Do I love them? Yes. Does that mean that you need to splurge? Nope! I’m all for everyone spending their money on what they want to spend their money on…no judgement here. And I’m always about people getting a great deal too. So, with that being said, if you still want to have the look, but you don’t want to spend the money, there are some great dupe options out there! I’ve linked up a bunch of options below, but keep in mind, I haven’t tried all of these! My number one suggestion for the best GG dupes that I’ve tried are the Steve Madden Rezza Sneaker. They feel pretty much exactly like my real GG sneakers when I wear them, they are insanely comfortable and they look pretty much identical. (Run true to size).


  • The other more affordable option that are super comfy are the PP48 sneakers. These are still around $250-$300 but are the same Italian leather and are also so so comfy!


Whether you want to wear them with a dress, denim, shorts, overalls, or really anything…..they look DANG cute! I hope that I’ve helped answer your questions in this post and if anything, if the real deal aren’t for you, I hope you can find a fun dupe from this.

Whatever you love, can we get an applause that casual and comfy sneakers are on trend?! I’m NOT a heels girl, so this is basically a dream for me!

If I didn’t answer one of your questions, leave it in the comments below and I’ll make sure to get to it!

PS. This pair was my most recent purchase 🙂 I signed up for emails at Bergdorf Goodman and got them for 15% off! All of these pairs below are good for that deal too!

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  1. Savannah King
    September 1, 2020 / 6:30 pm

    This post was super helpful! I have the same exact issue with sizing! How do you tie yours tighter to make them not slip without losing that ‘untied’ GG look?? Thanks!

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