My Current Top 5 Favorite Tula Products

Tula Tula Tula.

I’m sure you’ve heard every blogger talk about it…you know why?! Because the gals that work at Tula are extremely smart. They are so generous with their products and have made sure to get it in the hands of all the influencers…..we all of course fell in love with it because they are DANG GOOD PRODUCTS! I’ve used some of their products for years and swear by them!

My code ASHDONIELLE works site wide, even on the travel kits and value kits. (My code does not work if you choose auto-delivery on items FYI). I get asked a lot about my top Tula picks so I thought it was time for an updated post as my picks have changed over time.

My skin care routine right now consists of Tula, Colleen Rothschild and a little bit of Beautycounter here and there. Below are my current top five Tula picks that you definitely should at least try with the 20% off!


1.) The Face Wash

This is and has always been one of my favorites! It’s just a really great, fresh and light facewash that gets your skin very clean without leaving you dry. It’s not a big foaming cleanser but I’ve grown to actually not care about that after using this and loving it for so long.


2.) The Eye Balm

A must for me every single day. This is more of a highlighter and brightener for the under eye area that you can see instantly once you apply it. There is a blue one as well, but I’ve grown to like the pink shade more with my skin tone. It also has a cooling effect and feels great first thing in the morning on tired eyes. New mamas….YOU NEED! 🙂


3.) Day/Night Cream

This face cream is light enough for day time under makeup but also is super hydrating for night time as well. I’ve never had a lotion that can be used for both so well! It’s just an overall great facial lotion and if I haven’t sold you on it yet, just check out all of the 5 star reviews!



4.) The Primer

Something I can’t live without right now! This is a great face primer that I’ve been using before I apply my Dr. Brandt primer (I have a whole post on the amazing Dr. Brandt primer too in case you missed it…check it out HERE).  This one is super moisturizing but also adds some color to your face to correct discoloration. It helps your makeup go on so smooth and helps keep you not oily throughout the day!



5.) The Exfoliating Pads

I swear by these little pads in getting my face exfoliated and really clean about twice a week. I also love that they come individually wrapped so that they are very easy to travel with. Your face will feel like a smooth baby bum after using these!



Just so you know, my discount code works on the amazing travel kit too! I love stocking up on these so that I have my favorites in small sizes for all my trips. Makes a huge difference to keep up with your great skincare routine, no matter where you are and this travel kit makes it easy!


I hope this was helpful in helping you pick out your Tula must haves or products you want to try! Once again, my code is ASHDONIELLE and it gets you 15% off site wide!



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