Weekly Recap November 10th, 2019

Oh what a week! We are currently on the road, living our best road trip life!

So many holiday sales have started and my gift guides are coming in hot this week! But for today, let’s recap what’s been on the blog, in Instagram stories and on Instagram this past week. If you are new here or have missed it, we are currently road tripping to our new house in Indiana from California and it’s been a blast. (Currently typing from New Mexico at the moment). So this week’s content has been kind of all over the place as I’ve tried to keep bringing you all the best sales, current finds and holiday content all from the road. Thanks for hanging with me, following along and loving on my little family. You all are the best!

To start, let’s list the top 10 sellers of the week!


TEN: WALMART BOOTS – The top 10 sellers was actually a TIE for two pairs of Walmart boots! The first pair I wore over the weekend and are a kitten heel that is an incredible quality. The second pair is a pair of hiker/sherpa boots that I wore while packing. Both amazing, true to size and a great great price!

NINE: LULULEMON REVERSIBLE JACKET  – Yes, this is pricey BUT it’s amazing! If you are a Lululemon lover, you will love this reversible sherpa jacket. SO good! I wear my true size small in this.

EIGHT: WALMART SWEATER – I knew that this would be a favorite based on all of the DMS I got after I wore it…..a super comfy tunic that is once again, perfect for leggings. Runs true to size.

SEVEN: GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES – The best pair of Golden Goose dupe sneakers I’ve found yet. Run true to size and are so so comfy. Sign up for emails and get 20% off!

SIX: TRAVEL PILL BOX – I had NO idea that so many of you would grab this BUT I get it….we all travel and we all need the perfect little box to hold advil and such in. This one is in my bag at all times!

FIVE: AMAZON TURTLENECK TUNIC – This top has been in the top 10 for the past 4 weeks and is so so cute for denim or your best leggings life. TTS – I wear a small.

FOUR: FREE PEOPLE TOP – A great top to wear with leggings as it’s comfy & oversized! I wear an XS

THREE: AMAZON BEDSHEETS – Always a top 10 seller week after week! I literally bought 5 new sets for the new house 🙂

TWO: AMAZON DRESS – This is the dress I wore to the wedding last weekend! It’s so so flattering and such a great price. I sized up one and wear a medium.

ONE: PORES NO MORE PRIME – best primer ever! Covers up my pores and creates the best base to let my makeup lay smooth. It’s currently still 45% off with code BFDRB45



So far, I’ve read about 100 pages of our book of the month and I love it! What are your thoughts!?

Want to read along?! Grab this book HERE.


A couple of delicate everyday pieces have been on repeat for me this past week as I’m keeping it simple with our road trip!

  • Everyday Sparkle Studs – only $19 and a freaking good deal. These look 100% like real diamonds but are a great everyday staple piece that doesn’t tarnish or turn your ear green.
  • Can you even with these pearl huggie hoops?! A new favorite of mine and under $25!
  • This little delicate engraveable necklace would make the best holiday gift. Engrave a birthday, wedding date, Bible verse or child’s name on it!


A lot more home purchases were done this week because…duh! I have to furnish a 5 bedroom home! I can’t wait!


  • Can you link Eloise’s pink slippers again?
    • I get this question every time I show a video of Eloise wearing these….she loves them! Shop them directly HERE.
  • I missed it….why are you guys moving to Indiana?
    • I wrote an entire blog post just about this to help you all understand! You can read it HERE.
  • How in the world are you traveling for days in a car with a toddler?!
    • I knew I would get this question and I’m happy to do a post but to be honest, Eloise is so good. She has traveled since day one, whether by car or plane, so she is so use to it. Other tips : lots of snacks, games, entertainment and rest stops!
  • Do you have a Loopycase code?!
    • I took this question off of here for a while and many of you reminded me that you are always still looking for this link. Get 10% off your Loopycode order with code ASHDONIELLE. Start shopping here.
  • Do you have a Billie razor coupon code?
    • I don’t have a coupon code, but I do have a link to get it for just $9. CLICK HERE for the deal.
  • I grabbed your Golden Goose dupes and love them but I want the real deal. Will you do a post on this, linking your favorite ones plus dupes?!
    • I can’t believe how popular this question is! Yes, yes and yes! I’ve been working on a post for the past month about GG dupes + the real deal and all you need to know….hold tight, it’s all coming to the blog on Thursday of this week!
  • Do you have a Tula code?
    • Yep! Code ASHDONIELLE works sitewide for 20% off. (It doesn’t work on autoship items FYI). Below are some of my all time favorite products!



  1. Gift guides! My gift guides for her and him will go live this week!
  2. Daily deals happening every day on my Instagram stories (@ashdonielle) 
  3. A post all on Golden Goose shoes and dupes.
  4. Our road trip across the country all in IG stories!
  5. A tour of our new house! Hopefully coming to you on Friday of this week!
  6. Some more great Walmart finds.


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  1. Suzanne Adcook
    November 18, 2019 / 6:21 pm

    Can’t wait for the GG post!!! Very interested! Waiting to pull the trigger. Don’t sell them where I live and I want to try them on!

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