Styling Victoria Emerson Through Paris

Happy Monday friends!

The jet lag is REAL but there’s something to be said about getting up at 5am….man you can get so much done!

Today is the last day of the Victoria Emerson BOGO sale (yes, buy one get one FREE), so I wanted to round up some of my favorites, and some of the new ones that dropped on the site this weekend. I styled these bracelets all throughout Paris because they are literally the best bracelets to travel with. One bracelet that gives you an instant arm party, packs well and is super easy to style. These bracelets always fly off the shelves during these sales but they are constantly restocking so I’m going to breakdown my picks into 3 different categories to make it easy for you to shop.

Classic favorites in stock:


New finds:


Watch for restocks:


Just a little tip….this is a great time to take advantage of grabbing gifts. Yes, we are in the holiday season, so it’s time to start checking people off your list! These bracelets are great gifts for moms, sisters, aunts, grandmas and really anyone 🙂 

 Enjoy this amazing sale and have a fabulous start to your week!

Thank you so much to Victoria Emerson for sponsoring this post & thank you for keeping me styling on my European adventure! Per usual, all bracelets were picked by me, styled by me and loved by me.

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