Hello Bello Baby Review

At the beginning of the month, I  shared with you guys on my Instagram stories that I  was partnering with Walmart this month and testing out the Hello Bello baby line. I  had never heard of the line before, but when I  polled you all about your thoughts, I  was blown away by the responses! The comments were all over the board, so I knew I definitely needed to try it for myself to see what I thought!

As you all know, Walmart is an awesome spot to grab items like diapers and wipes because you can get them fast with two free day shipping with orders over $35. This is a major perk in my mama book!

So for the last month, we’ve been testing out the diapers (which omg have the cutest patterns), the wipes and the lavender bubble bath & shampoo. I heard from a lot of you that the bug spray was one of your favorites from the brand, but we didn’t get a chance to try that.  Below is my honest review of all 4 of the products we tried!

The diapers: I was worried about testing these out because the last time I tried a different eco friendly and hypoallergenic diaper brand, it didn’t work out so well. I honestly LOVE these! The patterns are cute and we used an entire pack over the course of the month and never had any leaking issues. Also, a little tip I learned (actually from you all when Eloise was just born), is that if you are having diaper leaking issues, try sizing up in the diaper. This was a big problem for me with any brand of diapers I tried when Eloise was a baby and when I asked you all about it, your advice that had work best for you was to size up in the diapers. She’s currently 20 months old, 26 lbs and wears a size 6! I’ve done that ever since Eloise was six months old and I haven’t had any issues sense. Have I told you guys lately how thankful I am for you by the way?! I’ve learned so so much from all of you!

OVERALL OPINION: Loved them and will be buying again for sure!

The wipes: So, these are good, I just personally still really loved the Aqua Pure wipes which you can also find at Walmart. To me they wipe just a little bit easier but the Hello Bello wipes do have small grooves in them which is helpful for big clean ups too! 🙂

OVERALL OPINION: Not my first pick of wipes but are definitely still great!

The bubble bath: Love love love! And smells so dang good! We have been using the lavender scent and I think it’s one of the best natural bubble baths that we’ve used yet. Eloise loves it too and it doesn’t irritate her skin as she is sensitive to other products.


The shampoo: The shampoo smells just as good as the bubble bath and I feel like it really cleaned her hair well without leaving it greasy! I did feel like her hair was a tiny bit more tangly after using this shampoo BUT I grabbed this detangler spray as well and it works like a charm! So easy to brush through after spraying it on!

OVERALL OPINION: Suds up great, leaves the hair smelling amazing and works great! 

Overall, I was super impressed with the brand! I love the different diaper patterns and what I love even more is that they are made from good products and sensitive on Eloise’s skin! Definitely a great find!



Big thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. Per usual, all items were picked by me and all opinions are my own.

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