Our Review of the 3D Lite Travel Stroller

This post is for all the mamas out there & mamas to be….Let’s talk strollers!

Since Eloise was born, we have been using the Uppa Baby Cruz stroller and have absolutely LOVED it. It’s been a great stroller for us, especially in the beginning when she still fit into the Uppa Baby Mesa car seat and we could transfer that seat from the car to the stroller frame very easily. We switched her to the regular stroller seat around 10 months and since it’s a two piece, it’s a little bit harder to travel with.

Since we are going to Paris in a month, we decided to look into some compact travel strollers that were light, one piece and easy to fold up with one hand. After doing some research, it was either between the Yoyo stroller for us or the 3D lite. We ended up ordering the 3D lite stroller because it was way more affordable and had great reviews.  A couple of weeks ago we used it for the first time in Disneyland to test it out before our big trip to Europe in October.

Our final verdict after using it for almost a week?! We really liked it, especially for the price! Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely different than the Uppa Baby. It feels much smaller, it’s way lighter and you can tell the quality is maybe not as high as the Uppa Baby brand….BUT, it checked all the boxes of what we were looking for. Below are the exact things we loved & thought about it:

Things we loved:

  • THE SIZE – The fact that this can fold up like a little umbrella stroller but be more durable than the usual small umbrella stroller frame is huge! It also has a strap that makes it easy to fold it up and throw it over your shoulder.
  • THE PRICE – This stroller is under $100 + free ship on Amazon prime and to me, worth it!
  • THE CUPHOLDER – I love that this stroller comes with a cupholder that actually works. Google cupholders in strollers….it’s hard to find a good one out there! We also bought this little velcro attachment that was a lifesaver on our trip as well. It adds two more cupholders to the stroller and a little compartment to hold other important things. Very convenient!
  • THE STORAGE COMPARTMENT – Bryan would tell you that this is the one thing he didn’t like but for the size of the stroller and after doing research, I was surprised that this stroller had any room at all for anything underneath. If you are use to the Uppa Baby undercarriage it’s definitely much smaller but we were able to fit our backpack/diaper bag and our jackets underneath there during our days at Disney.

Things we didn’t love:

  • It’s slightly hard to steer with one hand when she is in it, especially if you are use to the Uppa Baby which is super easy to maneuver with one hand.
  • There really isn’t great instructions on putting the wheels on. We put them on the wrong way at first and they were super hard to get off and switch. We figured it out and it worked out fine, just be careful when putting them on at first.


Overall, I would highly recommend this stroller for travel, especially if you need something light, compact and under $100.  I’ll update this post when we get back from Europe to let you know what we think and how it held up there. You know me, I’ll give you all the details 🙂

PS. If you are looking for more details on the Uppa Baby brand, I have a whole blog post dedicated to just “baby seats” that we used in the first year! You can read that post HERE.

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