May Makeup Series: Brows

Well, well well. How ironic is it that I planned out this blog post on brows the DAY AFTER I shaved off a little part of my eyebrow?! HAHAH! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I tried to “exfoliate and shave off the peach fuzz” on my face and shaved off some of my eyebrow AND cut my face).

Ya, definitely not doing that again!

So clearly I’m no brow expert, but I do have two products that I’ve used for a while and LOVE, so I  thought we could chat brows during this week’s May Makeup series post. If you missed last week, I talked all about lashes and what I use to get my lashes big, bold and long. You can read that post HERE.

First up, Gimme Brow by Benefit. A holy grail in my book. They actually discontinued it a few years ago and everyone FREAKED. I’m not joking. There were entire online threads about it…people were extremely sad it was gone. They finally brought it back in multiple different shades with the same amazing consistency and look! Why is it so good? It looks SO natural on your brows. If you are a minimal makeup type of gal, this eyebrow product is for you. It comes with a small little brush that swipes tiny fibers onto your brows making it look super natural and like actual hair. I use shade 5 and buy replacements about every 3 months.

The only other brow product I use every now and then is the Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow pencil. I love the look of this product when I  want a little bit more brow coverage and need a good brow look all in one. This product has a brush, pencil and highlight wand all in one and it’s great for traveling. The middle section pops off and a small sponge brush with a highlighter is inside which goes PERFECTLY under your brow to highlight your brow bone. I just found this out a week or two ago and it just made the product that much more amazing. I use shade “Super Model” and a little goes a long way. I’ve had my current pencil for about 9 months now and it’s just now getting low. Basically it lasts for a long time!

I’ve never used a brow serum, but the lash serum that I use has a brow product and I’m super tempted to try it! I’ve also never tried microblading or anything along those lines but might try it at some point!

What are your go to brow products?!


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