Eloise Update: 15 Months

I honestly cannot believe that Eloise is 15 months old! What a ride! She is so so busy at the moment and I feel like we both never stop moving! Any other mamas out there feel this way?! When she was born, I did 2 month updates for the entire year and they were always some of my most popular posts!

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(how we introduced solid foods is in this 6 month post).

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I thought I would do a little updated post on her current schedule and favorite things for the mamas out there that love following these ones!

Just remember…..I’m a mama just like you. I don’t do everything the right way, I just do what’s best for our family and what works for us. Take with that what you may, I’m just here to share ideas 🙂

Eloise’s tassel poncho || Eloise’s denim shorts


Eloise’s current schedule:

– Wakes up around 8am (has first 6-8 oz bottle)

– Goes back down around 9:30 am -10 (about 1 or 2 hours after she wakes up – she’s starting to skip this nap more than taking it)

– Wakes up from nap around 11 or 12 and eats lunch (lunch meat, fruit, anything chopped up)

– Plays until about 2pm

– Between 2- 3pm she has her second 6 oz bottle of the day

2:30 or 3:30 pm – down for second nap (usually the longest if the first nap was short or nonexistent and sometimes around 1:30 if she skips the morning nap)

5:30 pm – wakes up from nap, eats a pouch or snacks

– Plays until about 7pm (We usually go to the park at this time or on a walk and then she takes a bath around 6:30 if needed)

7:30 pm – last 6-8 oz bottle of the night

8-8:30 pm – BEDTIME


Switching from formula to regular milk

This has been the biggest change for us since turning one and to be honest, it wasn’t a very hard change. We started the switch after her 12 month Dr. apt when we got the clearance from her pediatrician. We started with doing 3 oz of whole cows milk & 3 oz of formula for the first day (half and half) for all bottles. She didn’t show that she noticed anything different, so the next day we did all of her bottles with cows milk and she drank them all up. She didn’t have any systemic issues either. We were very lucky!

As far as her favorite things…..she has lots of them! Dogs are high up on the list…hahaha….no but really. Any dog that we see makes her immediately so happy (she squeals very loudly) and runs right up to pet them.

She also loves having her own personal chair and still loves her little peas.  Her favorite book is still hands down the Pout Pout Fish and this new little musical book.

We finally found a sippy cup that works the best (she can drink out of it easily and it doesn’t spill everywhere) and these snack cups literally make my mom life easier.


We also had our very first bad diaper rash in the last couple of months (bleeding and all…so sad!) and thanks to you all, we found a great combo of products that took care of it in 24 hours. We used this Butt Paste first and then Aquaphor and it cleared up so fast! Thank you so much if you sent over your recommendations…we so appreciate you experienced mamas!

I’ll be doing another update post around 18 months, so stay tuned for that! We have SO many trips in the upcoming months and fun projects that we are working on so I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Thanks for stopping by!


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