May Makeup Series: My Favorite Eyelash Combo


I’m so excited to kick off a fun little beauty series for the month of May!

Since the Sephora sale starts tomorrow for everyone and makeup questions are a super popular topic over on my Instagram, I thought that I would start a “May Makeup Series”! Every week, I’ll be focusing on specific topics, for example, foundations, eyeshadow palettes, etc and sharing what items I love, and how I use them. I’ve tried so many different beauty products so I would love to share all the things I’ve tried and know with you guys as well!


I thought I would start the series out with the most popular topic…my eyelashes. If anything, I always have mascara on before I leave the house. It makes me look and feel more awake and I’ve found a combo that I absolutely LOVE. The secret?! It’s the combo of the primer and the mascara that gives me volume & length!


I’ve used this primer for YEARS now and honestly can tell a huge difference when I don’t use it. I apply this primer before my mascara, let it set and dry for about 45 seconds (I do my eyebrows during this time) and then apply my mascara. This primer adds length, volume and is overall! It washes off well too and doesn’t damage or hurt your lashes in any way. Remember, I’ve used this for years!

(This primer is also good, but I feel like the Subversion one is better at making my lashes look thicker. I’ve also heard A-mazing things about this one, so I might grab it from the sale so that I can compare it with my holy grail!).



I’ve tried a ton of mascaras in my lifetime (one of my first Youtube videos ever was all about mascaras :)) and I always come back to this one. I love love love it and I feel like nothing compares! My only complaint about it is that after a while, it gets messy around the cap so you have to clean it off. To be honest, it’s a simple negative compared to how amazing it makes your lashes look. It doesn’t run or smudge but is also easy to remove and it just makes my lashes look BOLD.

(The next best mascara that I’ve tried is this one – doesn’t leave as much product on your lashes but still adds great volume).



Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve used a lash serum and that’s because when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, I couldn’t use them. So I stopped before Eloise and just haven’t started using one again. The one I did love before baby was this one as I felt like it really worked! It’s very pricey, but one tube would last me for about 5-6 months & I could definitely tell a big difference. I will probably start using it again here soon, I just usually wait for the Nordstrom sale to grab it at a discount!


Don’t forget that the Sephora sale has started for Rouge members already and will go live for everyone else tomorrow 3/2! It’s time to stock up on your favorites and must haves! I have a whole page on here with my picks/everyday loves and another post will be up tomorrow as well so make sure you swing on by for that!


And stay tuned for next week as I’ll be continuing this series & sharing all about brows!


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