How I Wear Black Denim in the Spring


Black denim is only for the fall season.

FALSE statement!

My white denim definitely comes out more in the spring and summer but my black denim is definitely all year round. I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks today on how to wear your black denim seamlessly in the spring as well as year round.

BUT FIRST, let’s talk about the lace up denim I’m wearing in these pictures. You are NEVER going to believe where they are from……HELLO WALMART. Yes, I said it. These black high waisted lace up denim are from the new Sofía Vergara jean launch at Walmart and you guys…I’m not joking when I say that these babies are GOOD. I ordered a couple of pairs before I agreed to this campaign to try out, wear around and style and they all were so so good.

Walmart is going through an entire re-branding and I’m loving the affordability, trendiness and comfort of their pieces. They have 2 free-day shipping on most pieces and the Sofía Vergara line has been such a hit that pieces were selling out DAILY. No joke, everything I ordered and loved except for the black lace up denim is gone (and only because I snagged them right when they hit the site so that you all could hopefully still shop them too). They are still fully in stock, suck you in, are high waisted, stretch and are SO SO cute! (Run totally true to size – I’m wearing a size 4).



Here are some tips on how to incorporate black denim into your spring wardrobe:

1.) Add a spring pattern such as floral or leopard:

    • One of the easiest ways to wear black denim in the spring is to pair them with a light floral top or a fun pattern (easy on the eyes) leopard blouse or tee.

2.) Pair with a fun summer wedge or sandal:

    • Pairing the denim with a light or neutral colored wedge or sandal for spring is a great way to blend the look.

3.) Style a white denim jacket on top:

4.) Wear a bright pop of lip color:

    • Personally one of my favorite ways to incorporate the feeling of spring or summer!

5.) Add spring accessories to the look:

    • To style black denim in a more spring or summer seasonal way, add a straw bag or a fun neon statement earring.


Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post – Per usual, all opinions are my own as I only share with you gals all of the GOOD FINDS and things I love!



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  1. Supritha Lakshminarayan
    March 21, 2019 / 3:45 am

    Such an amazing blog post,you look lovely ❤️

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