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Well, my most popular gift guide every season is here! 

That’s right, the gift guide for the men is ALWAYS the most viewed, clicked and shopped…..what does that tell you ladies?! 

Yep. Men are hard to shop for, so these little gift guides do come in handy!

Every year, I research and try to find unique gifts that I think either my Dad, brother or hubby would like.  This year, Bryan actually picked out every item on this gift list and told me why he would love it and why other men would love these gifts too. So let’s see how he did!

1.) Yeti Tumbler : I knew this would be on his list! We both can’t live without our Yeti cups. They keep your coffee hot for over 4 hours, cold all day if you put ice in it, and they are dishwasher safe! Worth every single penny.

2.) Wallet : Something he asks for every year…a new wallet. This one is super simple and classic yet still hip.

3.) Jogger Pants : These have been on his wishlist for a while now. Amazing reviews and just stylish pants for lounging that aren’t “straight up sweat pants” (hahah his words exactly).

4.) Rainbow Sandals : One of the only pairs of sandals he will wear…they last FOREVER!

5.) Allbirds Wool Runners : These have also been on his wishlist for a while now. We have a ton of guy friends who have these shoes and swear by them! 

6.) Facial Fuel : This is a repeat gift every year. It’s his favorite facial lotion (doesn’t leave him oily) and it has spf 15 in it. Kiehls also always has some of the best gift sets for men every year. This one here would also make a great gift for the man in your life.

7.) Cologne Sampler : Bryan received something similar to this last year and it was hands down his favorite gift. For $65, you get 10 samples of cologne and a gift voucher to pick out a full size one from Sephora! This gives your guy the chance to try out a ton of different options before picking out a full size one he loves! GENIUS!

8.) Ugg Slippers : The easiest thing to get him every year because he will wear the heck out of them all year long. FYI, one year I got him slippers from Jcrew instead for half the price and they didn’t even last half a year. We’ve learned that paying for the Ugg brand is definitely worth it!

9.) Half Zip Sweater : Hands down the most shopped item last year from the men’s gift guide, so naturally I had to bring it back this year. Under $60 for a classic cotton & cashmere pullover that comes in a TON of colors. This was one of Bryan’s favorite gifts last year as well. 

10.) Quip Electric Toothbrush : Yep. A toothbrush is on his holiday list. But not just any toothbrush he says….this one is the “hip electric toothbrush of 2018”. Well, shoot….we’ve got to get it then! (haha!)

11.) Smart Watch : Bryan has the Apple iwatch and wears it daily, but if you didn’t want to spend that much money on a smart watch, this one is a great option as well.

12.) On Bottle Wine Vinturi Pourer : We have a ton of different wine aerators, but this one is hands down our favorite as it stays in the bottle as you pour. This would make a great gift if the man in your life enjoys wine.

13.) Temperature Control Mug : This mug just seems so interesting and people keep raving about it! 

14.) Docking Station : Another very popular gift last year! This keeps all of your mens things organized. Let’s be real….it’s really a gift for us!

I hope that this was helpful and that you can start checking those gifts for the men in your life off your list early!

Have a great weekend!


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