Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

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Oh baby!

This was a highly requested gift guide from you guys, so here you go! 

As much as some of these gifts are for baby, most of them are for mama too. Here are some great ideas for you to add to your list as Eloise & I love every single item pictured so so much!

Mostly everything I’m sharing is for both boys and girls (except for the bows) and we’ve used, played and loved on each item, so we can speak from experience. 



1.) Baby Bling Bows : Obviously for the baby girls in your life, but these bow sets are some of our favorites. Extremely comfortable to wear, easy to wash and ADORABLE!

2.) Little Poppy Bow subscription : We’ve been getting these monthly bows for about 6 months now and absolutely love them all! They have gift-able monthly subscription options that you can check out here. What a great gift idea!

3. & 4.) Cuddle & Kind Dolls : Eloise LOVES these dolls! Not only are they so so precious, but they help give meals to children in need. For every Cuddle + Kind doll purchased, 10 meals are given to hungry children….giving a gift that gives back (and is adorable) is an absolute win in my book! 

5. & 6.) Banana Teether & Sophie the Giraffe Teether : These are our two favorite teethers at the moment and would make a great little stocking stuffer for the sweet baby in your life!

7.) Silicone Bibs : Ok, so this is definitely more of a gift for mom BUT these bibs have changed my life. It sounds dramatic, but we don’t use any other bib anymore. These are super easy to rinse in the sink, hang dry and use again at anytime. I mean, us mamas all need less laundry right?! 

8.) Pacifier Clip : Nothing is worse to me then when we are out and about and we’ve forgot a pacifier clip. You know for SURE that the pacifier will fall on the ground at some point. These pacifier clips have grown to be our favorite over the last couple of months as they are super lightweight, easy to clean and adorable! They are having a huge Black Friday sale that started today – 40% off sitewide with code RR40 – you better believe I stocked up!

9.) Critter Bath Towels : We absolutely love these towels and they make the BEST gifts! They wash well, are warm and your baby looks extra adorable wearing them.

10.) Cozy Blanket : One of the top selling items from my blog & Instagram for the ENTIRE YEAR. You mamas love this blanket just as much as we do! It’s extremely cozy, washes very well and is the perfect size. We have the “receiving size” in light pink and if we lost it, we would have to immediately buy another one….it’s that good! We also love this one equally as much if you are looking for another soft and cuddly blanket.

11. & 12.) Freshly Picked Shoes : Last week we received a big box of these adorable shoes and Eloise has been wearing them NONSTOP. They are extremely well made, stay on her feet and they have the CUTEST patterns & colors. One of the best things about Freshly Picked, is that they have a Fringe Club where you get 20% off everything, $10 monthly store credit and free shipping for just $10 a month. Such a great deal and it would also be a great gift to give a new mama who loves keeping their baby fashionable! (Use code FPxashdonielle to get your first month of FRINGE for FREE!) 

13.) Indestructible Books : Not pictured but I had to add it into the gift list for baby! These books are absolutely amazing for a baby as they are chew proof, washable and they can’t rip out the pages! Such a genius invention and Eloise loves them!


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