Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Review

If you’ve followed me for a while, you KNOW that I love a good lipstick. Bold lips, nude lips, pink lips….you name it, I rock it all (or at least try…HA!).
I’ve tried a lotttttt of lipsticks.
Expensive ones, drugstore brands, you name it, I’ve probably tried it.
I love a lot of lipstick brands but hands down my absolute favorite collection of lipsticks is Charlotte Tilbury.

The question I get asked the most.
WHY Charlotte Tilbury over all the other lipstick brands in the industry?
Here’s why:
1.) They are moisturizing!
(They do not dry your lips out like many other lipsticks).
2.) The packaging is gorgeous. (Need I say more?!).
3.) The product goes on SO smoothly.
4.) There are so many amazing color options.
5.) They last foreverrrr.


Kim K.W. | Bitch Perfect | Miss Kensington | English Beauty | Confession | Pillow Talk | Bond Girl | Birkin Brown


Kidman’s Kiss | Liv It Up | Super Cindy | Secret Salma | Kim K.W.


Miranda May | Lost Cherry | Carina’s Love


There are 3 different categories of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks:

– Matte Revolution Lipsticks (matte lip shades that are buildable)
– K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipsticks (creamy consistency with a slight vanilla scent)
– Hot Lips Lipsticks (full bodied, pigmented lip shades, inspired by celebrities)

Sexy Sienna | Amazing Grace | Coachella Coral | Velvet Underground | The Queen


Now, listen to me when I say this….if you are looking for a great everyday lipliner, look no further than the Pillow Talk liner. This is hands down a best seller through my links month after month and it’s because it really is THE BEST. The liner and Pillow Talk lipstick look good on everyone, they stay on for hours, and it’s just a great color combo to have in your purse at all times for a quick retouch throughout your day. 

Pillow Talk liner | Pillow Talk lipstick | Bond Girl liner |  Bond Girl lipstick


The question I get asked time and time again.
I get it.
Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks aren’t low in price, but you pay for what you get. They are worth every penny! So if I could only pick three colors, these are the three that I would pick:

1.) Kim K.W.
The best best everyday nude. So extremely pretty and pairs really well with the Pillow Talk lip liner as well.

2.) Pillow Talk
I recommend this color to everyone. It’s a great color for everyday as it’s the perfect neutral color with a slight tinge of pink.

3.) Amazing Grace
My first ever Charlotte Tilbury lipstick that I purchased IN London. The best bold berry lip that is great for every single season.

Kim K.W. | Pillow Talk | Amazing Grace

So there you have it!
Tons of color options, all luxurious, hydrating and just DANG GOOD.

If you are new to Charlotte Tilbury lippies, I highly recommend starting with one of my top 3 picks! Those colors are the ones I use the most and the ones that sell the most through my site as they look good on all skin tones.

If you have any other CT lip questions, feel free to shoot me a message!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

** Thank you to Nordstrom & Charlotte Tilbury for partnering with me on this post. Per usual, all opinions are my own as I only share products that I actually use and love **


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