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I had a whole different post planned for today, but yesterday I went online to buy Eloise a couple more bows (I know she has a ton, but she doesn’t have a green or purple one!), and found that her favorite bows EVER are on sale! There are tons of colors to choose from AND if you buy three, you get them for just $20! I of course kept browsing the Nordstrom Anniversary sale because I honestly haven’t looked over the baby section much and found SO many great deals on some of our favorite items.
So here are my favorite picks from the anniversary sale for your cute little babe!

I’ve actually had some of you message me asking for deals on a Dockatot, so here you go! I’ve never seen these on sale and this is most definitely in my top 5 baby items that you need. Eloise still sleeps in hers EVERYWHERE and it’s been a sleeping lifesaver. We are going to be transitioning her to a sleep sack soon and I’ve heard great things about this one. Have any of you used it?!

We have so many of these muslim blankets and love them….they also make amazing gifts if you are looking for a baby shower gift! I’m purchasing this fun bib for Eloise as she’s been eating solids lately and these bibs are super easy to wash! We also got some of these “clean” pacifiers when she was born…..if they fall on the ground, the pacifier part that goes in the baby’s mouth, “pops” inside and stays clean. It’s a genius invention but Eloise wasn’t able to get this pacifier to work until about a week ago. So if your baby is about 6 months, these might work for you!

There are TONS of other baby items still in stock, so if you are pregnant (congrats!) or have a little one OR need a gift for someone in your life who is having a baby, check out the sale here for some great deals!

Have a great weekend!


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