Body After Baby

Before I start this post, I wanted to say one thing….women are ROCKSTARS. 

Whether you’ve carried a child, adopted a child, have yet to have a child….the entire art of just being a positive woman in today’s society takes heart, will & hard work.

Heck yes. GIRL POWER.

Ok, anyways, I wasn’t originally going to write this post because first off, I’m not a good writer. Sometimes it’s hard for me to put down how I feel into words. Wanna chat? I can talk your ear off. Your next author? Not me.

Second, I don’t like talking about weight and body image. With my best friends? Sure.

On the internet? Not so much.

But then I thought about it more and I thought it’s something I SHOULD address. 

I’ve gotten so many emails and messages with the sweetest comments asking me how I did it. How did I have a baby 3 months ago and shrink right back down to my original size.

“Are you sure you had a baby?”

“I had a baby 6 months ago and I still don’t look like you.”

“Did you lie to us and have that baby a year ago?”

Well, let me tell you something. I’m right there with you.

I’m FOR SURE not back to my pre baby weight. 

I still have that super dark line in the middle of my belly.

My boobs are HUGE & I feel like I’ve borrowed them from someone else. 

(TMI I know, but it’s the truth.) 

Oh and my pre-baby abs?


Why am I sharing this?!

Well because when I took these pictures in Dallas at the Rewardstyle conference and got back the proofs, I IMMEDIATELY came up with six different things I didn’t like about my body in these pictures. 

I FOR SURE wasn’t going to post these. 

Look at how big my arm looks.

My kneecaps are straight up weird.

My boobs are HUGE.

And then I stopped myself. 

We as women are SO critical of ourselves.

You know what…..I gave birth to a human. 

I grew a baby inside my belly & brought a life into this world.

HOW can I be critical of that?! 

Yes, my body might look and feel different.

Slightly “softer” in some areas, and my clothes don’t fit like they use to BUT I’ve got the cutest baby girl to show for it and I’m SO proud of that. 

Having a baby aside, we as women need to be more confident in ourselves. 

Push those negative thoughts out and be proud of yourself! 


Everyone is human.


Just be yourself & be proud of it.

**stepping off my soapbox now**

Some of you are probably still reading this thinking “no, but really, what are you doing to loose the baby weight??” 

Well, besides breastfeeding every 3-4 hours and running around everyday trying to keep up with my new life, there are a few things that I try to do during the week to hopefully get me back down to my pre-Eloise size.

** In home workouts: Before I had my baby, I was a barre LOVER. I went at least 3 times a week and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now, I try to do a 15-30 minute barre workout at home two-three times a week while Eloise naps. Whatever works right?! (I just Youtube “at home barre workouts” and use one of those).

** Light dinners: Bryan & I eat grilled chicken and a light salad probably three times a week. We never get sick of it and it’s a pretty healthy meal!

** Daily walks: I try to get Eloise & I on at least a 15 minute walk everyday. It’s good for the baby and also great for mama.

** Easy smoothies: I recently got sent these easy smoothies to try out and I’m really loving them. Mostly because they are simple to make, healthy and I don’t have to dirty a cup to drink them! If you want to try them, you can get your first 3 cups for free with code “ashdonielle”.

Hoping this post helps encourage you today & reminds you that no one is perfect.

We are all just trying to do our best for ourselves and our little babes everyday!


Thanks for stopping by and reading!


Maxi Dress 

(Ordered a small and medium in this dress – both fit, but I liked the fit of the medium better, so I sized up)




Interlocking Hoop Earrings

Belt (I’m wearing a size small)


Shoes (True to size)

Gold & White Coil Bracelet


Lipstick (In shade “Coachella Coral”)

*** Big thanks to Vanessa Christina Photography for these shots ***


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