Eloise’s First Flight

Well we did it!

I can officially check “flew with a baby” off my life list!

Let me tell you one thing….if you are reading this and you did your first flight with a baby alone, I commend you. My sister was a lifesaver this trip, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without her. I also couldn’t have done it without all of your advice! I learned SO much from all of you via Instagram and you sending me messages via email through my blog, so THANK YOU!

I thought I would put together a post sharing what we did, how we got around and some other tips that you all shared with me in case anyone else was getting ready to board an airplane with their little one!

Top Tips
Feed the baby during takeoff & landing (or put a pacifier in): This was hands downs the biggest piece of advice you guys gave me (seriously hundreds of you!) and I couldn’t agree with you guys more. Feeding the babe during takeoff and landing helps keep their ears from hurting during the flight. It worked for us! I did also carry breast milk on the flight just in case she freaked out and wouldn’t latch on. (You can carry breast milk on the plane with no limit – they just check each bag or bottle through security so it can take a little bit more time. I carried my breastmilk on the plane in this little travel cooler).

~ Wear your little one through security: This was another popular one! When going through security, I wore Eloise on me in our Solly Baby wrap carrier. I LOVE this wrap because it’s super lightweight, comfortable and very easy to travel with. (It can be confusing to wrap at first, but they have easy videos on their site & once you get the hang of it, it’s easier). Wearing the baby gives you access to both hands while you are putting things through security. They don’t make you remove the baby as you are going through security either.

~ Check your stroller at the gate: This one was a toss up. About half of you said to check your stroller with your main luggage when you first get to the airport and the other half of you said to wheel your stroller with you all the way up to the gate and then check it there. We have the Uppa Baby Cruz stroller and the Mesa car seat and  I can’t rave enough about them! The stroller is smaller than the UB Vista, making it easier to maneuver and travel with. I decided to check the stroller & car seat at the gate (using this travel bag for the stroller & this travel bag for the car seat) and was happy I did that. It was really nice to get right off the plane and have the stroller there so that I could put Eloise in it and be hands free for the other bags. Also, if I would have checked the car seat ahead of time on the way home, I wouldn’t have been able to bring it on the flight! It really isn’t much of a hassle getting the stroller through security either. Pretty easy! Also, if you have the Uppa Baby stroller/car seat and you travel a lot, I highly recommend getting the travel bags. If anything happens to your stroller or car seat while being checked or on the airline and you have those bags registered, Uppa Baby will replace your stroller or car seat for free!

~ Amazon prime diapers to the hotel: WHAT A GENIUS IDEA YOU GUYS! I would have never thought of this! We used Amazon prime to ship diapers directly to the hotel so that we didn’t have to pack them. At this point, Eloise is going through about 8 diapers a day, so a pack of 40+ diapers would have taken up a lot of room in my luggage. I did call the hotel ahead of time to give them a heads up that a package would be coming for us. One less thing to worry about bringing.

~ Keep hand sanitizer on you at all times: Oh my. I’ve always thought that airplanes were dirty, but my OCD of cleanliness has taken on a whole new level with a little one. My sister and I were using hand sanitizer and wipes the ENTIRE trip. Keep that sanitizer easily accessible!

~ Carry snacks in your carry on bag: We got to the airport 2 hours early, so we had time to grab a snack before the flight, but just in case, it’s a good idea to have carry on snacks close by. It’s also hard work to travel with a little one so you are burning those calories!

~ If your baby sleeps well in the Dockatot, bring it: We packed our Dockatot and checked it in this travel bag and it was a LIFESAVER. Because Eloise is so use to sleeping in her Dockatot at home, she could be sleeping in Timbucktoo and have no idea because she would still be in the comfort of her little bed. She slept great the entire trip and I’m 100% sure it was because she had her bed from home. The bag is super lightweight and easy to carry and you can sneak some blankets & toys in there too when you check it.

~ If the flight is not full, ask if you can carry your car seat on: This was another idea from you guys and though our flight was full on the way there, coming home it was not. The night before we flew home, I went to check in online and check the flight status. It was not a full flight so I changed seats so that my sister and I had a whole row to ourselves hoping that no one grabbed the seat in the middle. No one did, so we were able to carry on our car seat and Eloise was able to have a whole seat to herself!

Packing Your Diaper Bag For Carry On
The baby gets a free carry on as well, so I stuffed our diaper bag to the brim and thought I would share with you guys what I brought so that you can have an easy packing list for your next trip! PS. I LOVE our diaper bag because you can wear it as a backpack leaving you completely hands & arm free! It’s SO helpful while traveling.

  • Fawn Designs Diaper Bag/Backpack

  • Diapers(I packed about 8-10 diapers just in case the ones I shipped didn’t make it to the hotel I would have enough to last me through the day)

  • Wipes (We are loving these Aqua wipes at the moment)
  • Hand Sanitizer (DUH!)
  • Burp Cloth x 2  (I brought an extra just in case one fell on the floor)
  • Travel Changing Pad (There was no way I was putting Eloise on top of the plane changing table without a little cover!)
  • Nursing Cover (These 5 in 1 covers are AMAZING. They can be a blanket, scarf, car seat cover or nursing cover. If you are newly pregnant, make sure you add one of these to your registry)
  • Hand Held Breast Pump (Ok, don’t laugh at this! HA! My biggest fear is that I’m going to be stuck somewhere with no power and my baby for some reason won’t feed. I bring this little travel pump JUST IN CASE.)
  • Pacifiers (I packed two in the diaper bag and my sister had an extra in her purse just in case. God forbid we loose our pacifiers during travel! These clips help keep them from dropping too!)
  • Change of Clothes x 3 (I’m sure I didn’t need 3 extra outfits, but better safe then sorry!)
  • Zip Lock Bags x 2 (Just in case we had an accident on the plane I would have a bag to put dirty clothes in.)
  • Sweater for Baby (I feel like airplane temperatures are always fluctuating so I packed a little sweater for Eloise just in case it got too cold.)
  • Gas Drops (We struggle at times with Eloise having painful gas, so these drops are always a lifesaver to have on hand just in case!)

If I can think of anything else, I’ll make sure to add it to this post! Once again, I’m so grateful for all of your advice, so thank you!

Now, I’m off to plan our next trip!

Happy travels!


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  1. Megan Seppi
    September 20, 2018 / 6:12 pm

    Taking my little girl who is 4 months on her 2nd flight tomorrow, went back to this post to make sure I have everything. Send all your good vibes my way on traveling alone with her this time for (2) flights!!

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