What I Wore To #Rsthecon

If you followed along with me this past weekend, you know that I was at the Rewardstyle / Liketoknow.it conference in Dallas, Texas having the time of my life. We were spoiled with beautiful lunches hosted by Banana Republic & Sole Society, a fun pool party hosted by Supergoop and so much more!


I can’t really put into words how excited, grateful, and happy I was to be there as only two hundred rewardStyle bloggers around the world were invited. I know….like WHAT?! Me?! I really thought they had made a mistake and immediately cried when I opened the invitation. Well it wasn’t a mistake and I couldn’t be more grateful or excited to have made the list. I was surrounded by so many inspiring, bad a** women who had all started a little blog at some point and with consistency and hard work, turned it into a thriving business. How cool is that?!

Top (Runs large – I’m in an XS) | Black Joggers (Run large -I’m in an XS) Sandals (TTS) Denim Jacket | Luggage | Watch | Sunglasses | Purse (sold out but you can sign up to get an email alert when it comes back in stock)


Tie Top (TTS – I’m in a small) Jeans (TTS – I get the short version – I’m 5’4) Shoes (TTS) Purse | Sunglasses | Coin Necklace


90% of you reading this are probably thinking, what’s the big deal? Well, let me tell you something….blogging is HARD. I know, I know….you’re all thinking that all I do is take pictures of myself (or my cute baby) and post them to web. How hard can it be?! Well my friends, it’s so much more than that and it takes a lot of work, time and perseverance to actually be a successful blogger. And if you’ve tried to start a blog at some point in your life, you know what I’m talking about!

Let me break it down for you. For one sponsored blog post with a particular brand, I have to first of all negotiate and settle on a contract with that brand. What are they looking for?! Do I like their product (because I WILL NOT promote something I don’t love). Will they follow the pricing and details of my media kit?! I then have to come up with the idea that fits the contracts guidelines.  Then I have to create the content making sure that it’s original, get everything organized, get myself ready, (sometimes that is a job in itself when you have a two month old baby), bribe my husband, sister or pay a photographer to take some pictures for me, edit those pictures (which can take FOREVER), link all of the items in my post (because that’s how I get paid!), write up the blog post, edit the wording, re-read it three plus times to catch spelling errors (and I still make mistakes because hey, I’m human) and make sure it goes live on my site smoothly. The day the post goes up, I then have to make sure I post on all my social channels so that you all know that there’s a new post up. Sounds totally easy right?! Righttttttt.
And don’t get me started on creating my Instagram & Instagram stories content….it can take FOREVER. 

Floral Romper (TTS – I’m in a medium) Circle Bag | Earrings | Sunglasses | Lipstick (Shade: The Queen)


Top (TTS – I’m in a medium) Striped Pants (Run large – I’m in an XS) Shoes (TTS – in shade “Rose Blush”) Bag | Sunglasses | Pink Tassel Earrings


Striped Duster (Runs large – I’m in an XS) Tank (Runs large – I’m in a small petite) Denim Skirt (TTS) Shoes (TTS) Bag | Sunglasses | Earrings


New York Tee (Runs small – I’m in a large) Blazer (TTS – I’m in a small) Shorts | Shoes | Bag | Lipstick (In shade “Snob”) Earrings | Sunglasses 


As some of you know, when I link my outfits on Instagram and my blog, it’s through the company Rewardstyle (otherwise also known as Liketoknow.it). When you click on one of my links and buy the t-shirt I’m wearing, I get a part of the commission of that item. Some of you might be thinking, “that’s so unfair that she gets paid off of my purchase”. Well, to be honest, I’m doing the work to find it for you and show you how it fits! When you go to Nordstrom and they ask you at the register who was helping you, that person who started a fitting room for you is getting paid commission off your purchase. It takes a lot of time and effort to post and share my content with you guys, so just as you would get paid at any other job for doing the work, that’s exactly how it works for me.  (That’s why I’m always SO thankful when you use my links to shop! So THANK YOU!) 

So what was this conference all about? Networking and learning how to be a better blogger for you all!  I met with amazing brands like Banana Republic, Kopari and Express, learned all about new app features that are coming very soon and most importantly left so inspired for what’s to come for my little corner of the web.  

Blouse (TTS – I’m in a small) Camo Skirt (TTS) Bag | Watch | Gold Chain Bracelet | Sandals | Lipstick (In shade “Carina’s Love”)


Top (TTS – I’m in a medium) Skirt (TTS – I’m in a small) Pink Shoes (TTS) Similar Bag | Necklace | Lipstick (In shade “Velvet Underground”)


Knot Tee (TTS – I’m in a medium) Skirt | Clutch | Sunglasses | Beaded Bracelet | Sandals


Knotted Maxi Dress (TTS – I’m in a medium) Similar Denim Jacket | Lipstick (In shade “Velvet Underground) Floral Phone Case (Get 20% off with code “ASHDONIELLE”) Bandana Scarf


I thoroughly enjoyed creating and putting together these outfits for each event and I hope some of you can find some outfit inspiration from some of them! If anything, I can see you all are loving the knotted maxi dress – probably because it fits like pajamas!

Thank you again for all of your support – I LOVED reading all of your messages and I was so touched at how many of you guys were so excited for me. I never in a million years thought that starting a blog would lead to this, but I can tell you that doing something you love to do is hands down one of the most rewarding things in life! 

I’m going to be doing a Q&A post on here in May with your most asked questions on my Instagram and blog. Leave me the questions you want answered either in the comments here, in my IG inbox or shoot me an email and I’ll add them to the list to answer!

Thanks for reading friends & thanks again for following along and supporting me on this journey!



  1. Jessica
    April 25, 2018 / 5:05 pm

    Oh I bet it’s so hard! And you rock at it! I’m so thankful for your blog…I love when people do the hard part for me! Lol. Congratulations on your success. Thank you for being real and transparent! That is so big and needed in a world where people can hide behind a filter and a computer screen. You rock girl! Keep on doing what you are awesome at!!!

  2. Atty Anais
    April 26, 2018 / 5:38 pm

    I have absolutely no problem with bloggers getting part of a commission for what I purchase! In fact, if I'm still stewing my purchase over, I try to click back through your links to make sure it goes back to you (even if you posted about a particular item weeks ago and I FINALLY cave 😉 — Thanks for doing the hard work!

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