Eloise’s Favorites So Far

My baby is almost TWO months old!

How did that happen?!

We are two months in, which means that we are getting into a routine and finding out what works best for us and what doesn’t. With that being said, there are some products that we are LOVING so I wanted to share them with you in case any of you are having a baby soon and need to add some things to your registry.

There’s also a fun little giveaway happening with Golden Strands at the bottom of this post so make sure you read all the way to the bottom for instructions on how to enter!


One of my most asked questions on Instagram is “Do you like your Dockatot and is it worth the price?”
Answer: YES and YES.
We LOVE our Dockatot! We originally bought the Halo Bassinest and when we first put her in it, she was so little, she just kept rolling around in it. There was no side support. So we took our Dockatot and put it inside the bassinest and it was PERFECT. The sides of the Dockatot are raised so that she stays in one spot. It’s convenient, comfortable and safe. It’s super easy to move from room to room and now that she is use to sleeping in it, she will sleep anywhere you move it! We are taking it with us on our first trip in a couple of weeks and we are hoping she will sleep like a champ in it because it’s the same at home. (fingers crossed!)

Ollie Swaddle

Oh. my. goodness. This is hands down the BEST swaddle we’ve tried so far. We were using these ones for the first month and they worked great. She would sometimes still be able to slip her hands through the cracks but for the price, they did the job. BUT then we tried the Ollie Swaddle and could tell the difference immedietly. The first night in the Ollie swaddle, she slept through the night. I thought it was a fluke thing but it wasn’t. She sleeps SO much better in this swaddle because it keeps her hands in, is so much stretchier and is a very soft material. This is a pricey swaddle, but I promise it’s worth it. I mean, after one month of not sleeping through the night, wouldn’t you pay $65 to get a restful nights sleep?!

Baby Bling Headbands
These headbands are Eloise’s favorite accessory! Who am I kidding!? You know they are mine! Everyday I get so excited to match a different bow with her outfit. These Baby Bling bows have been our favorite so far as they are comfortable, fit well and just have the cutest different styles to choose from.

Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym
Eloise LOVES this little gym! It gives you a little 15-20 minute break as she will lay there and kick away. She loves the music!

Inverted Zippered Onesies
One of my lovely followers actually recommended these onesies to me before I had Eloise. The zipper on these onesie pajamas is at the bottom near the feet instead of near the neck. This allows for you to change their diaper while leaving them covered up on top! (Something I totally would have NEVER thought of before I had a baby). We also love these onesies as they have easy buttons at the bottom that allow you to do the same thing.

Soft Sherpa Blanket
Besides the blanket my Mother-in-law made her, this sherpa blanket is one of her favorites. It’s so soft, washes well and she will fall asleep in it instantly if you wrap her in it!

Pacifier Clips
I never understood how important these things were until I dropped over five pacifiers on the ground in one day! These adorable clips allow you to keep that pacifier attached to your baby at all times. Perfect for if you are on the go! And how adorable are these ones?!

Gripe Water
Someone told me to buy this before Eloise was born and keep it in my medicine cabinet in case of emergencies. Well, we are SO glad we did that! Eloise has been colicky off and on for the past couple of weeks and these drops have been a lifesaver! We also have had to use these interesting things when it got really bad. They seem strange, but they work!

Sound Machine
We love our little sound machine so much! We have this one and use it for in her room and for traveling! If anything, the size is important as it’s easy to grab and go and travel with!

Dr. Brown Bottles
These were the only bottles I used when I would baby sit 10 years ago and they are still some of the best around. They are great for reducing baby air intake during feedings which is important when you have a colicky baby!

Puj Bath
Talk about an interesting invention! I thought this thing was a little flimsy at first, but I didn’t have it in the sink correctly. Once I figured it out, it worked SO well. It’s a foldable bath so it takes up very little space (we hang ours on a hook on the back of the bathroom door) and she loves it! We have also really loved using this bath soap as it smells amazing and is soft on babies skin.

Hoping this post helps some of you moms-to-be who are currently creating a registry and feeling very overwhelmed, narrow down some options! (Trust me, everyone feels that way as a new mom….do we really need all this stuff?!)

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Good luck and thanks for reading!


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