Holiday Gift Guide For The Hostess

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Tis the season for holiday parties galore! 

When it comes to attending a party, it’s always nice to bring a little something for the host to say “thank you”. It doesn’t have to be something crazy expensive or big but giving a little gift really lets the hostess know you appreciate them taking the time to throw a party and invite you over. It may be a little “old school”, but I know that whenever I throw a party and a guest brings me a little something, it says a lot about that person! And I always remember that sweet gesture!

Here are some ideas (big & small) for you to bring your hostess at your next holiday get together:

1.) A Pretty Marble Cutting Board – I love a marble cutting board and this personalized gold initial one makes such a pretty gift.

2.) French Press – If you have a hostess that loves coffee and pretty decor, this french press is a gorgeous option for a gift.

3.) A Coffee Table Book – A fun coffee table book is always a fun gift to give a hostess.

4.) A Candle – Ok, this is my go-to hostess gift that I’m always bringing to parties. Anthropologie is still my favorite place to pick up a candle as they have the BEST scents and prettiest votives. An amazing smelling candle and a cute matchbook is always a great option. 

5.) Tea – Have you guys ever tasted this tea?! Well, if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and pick some up next time your on Amazon or at Target. It’s AMAZING. My absolute favorite flavors are the Cinnamon Spice, Peppermint and Paris blend. Any hostess would love to get a little tin of these teas for their kitchen. (Under $10!)

6.) Sparkle Studs – This gift never gets old. Honestly though, every single person that I’ve gifted with these sparkle studs LOVES them. These would be a great gift for the stylish hostess AND they are only $19!

7.) A Mug For Coffee Or Tea – Another one of my go-to gifts. Whether someone drinks coffee, tea or apple cider, everyone could always use a cute mug in their pantry. A couple of my favorite mugs to gift are discounted down to $5 right now, like these onesthese ones, and these ones.

8.) A Bottle Opener – For the girl hostess that loves her beer, bringing a six pack of beer to a party with a pretty wrapped bottle opener is a must!

9.) A Cozy Blanket – I LOVE this blanket! (but seriously, look at the reviews online, everyone loves it!) They are under $40, come in a ton of colors and make a great gift for anyone’s home.

10.) Cheese Knives – Chances are, if someone is hosting a party, there’s probably a cheese board on the table. Gifting a hostess with a new set of cheese knives is something they will use and love!

11.) Mulling Spices – My mom uses these spices every holiday season to make cider or mulled wine and it’s SO good. Plus, it makes your whole house smell like the holidays. (It’s seriously one of the things my husband looks forward to the most every holiday season when we are at my parents – SO delicious!)

12.) New Dish Towels – Everybody always needs dish towels and these neutral ones from William Sonoma are a great option for any hostess’s kitchen.

We are three weeks away from Christmas! Who’s ready?!
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