And The Oscar Goes To….

If there is one event I look forward to every year, it’s the OSCARS. The style, the red carpet, the speeches….it’s just so fun. Every year for the past 5 years, Bryan and I have made an effort to see every movie that is nominated for “best picture”, making the Oscars a really fun experience for us. No matter what, we HAVE to see every best picture nominee, whether we think we will like it or not. That is our rule. To be honest, there are so many amazing movies that we’ve seen that we would have missed out on if we didn’t do this, which is the beauty of our Oscar ritual. This will be the third year that we’ve hosted an Oscar party with some of our friends, complete with champagne, Oscar ballots and lots and lots of good food.

You can find these gorgeous Oscar cupcake toppers HERE.

This year, One Hope Wine generously donated their gorgeous glitter bottles of sparkling wine to help us celebrate the Oscars. I was blown away reading all about the One Hope impact and the amount of campaigns and charities they work with. Every bottle purchased does something to help a charity or organization around the world. For example, when you purchase one of the gold glitter sparkling wines pictured above, 15 meals are provided to a child in need. FIFTEEN. With one purchase of ONE bottle. When you purchase two bottles of Pink Glitter Edition California Chardonnay, a clinical trial is funded for a woman with breast cancer. 

AMAZING bottles of wine doing AMAZING things in the world. 

Also, how cute are these adorable plates, gold straws and blush napkins from Harlow & Grey?!? These might just be the chicest party supplies I’ve ever had at a party. So perfect for the Oscars!

We usually have everyone fill out an Oscar ballot (printable version here) when they first walk in the door. No cheating and you can’t use your phones! Can you tell I take this seriously?!? During the show, we keep our ballots with us and if you’ve guessed correctly who wins, you get a point. What do you get if you win? Really nothing but an amazing feeling of Oscar pride. And for me that’s totally enough. 

Wishing you all a fun filled Oscar Sunday full of laughs, friends and some dang good movies! Maybe next year you will participate in our tradition and see all the best picture movies? Then have a fun Oscar party? You should. You might just see some movies you never thought you would like & you might just realize how much you love the art of movie making and Hollywood.

Oh! And don’t forget your glitter champagne. Remember, everything is better with bubbles!

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*** BIG thanks to One Hope and Harlow & Grey for sponsoring this post ***


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