What’s On My Bookshelf For 2017

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At the start of every new year, the same thing happens to me. I get the urge to read. A LOT.

I ask for tons of books for Christmas and fill up my bookshelf with books full of girl boss inspiration, fashion, new recipes, thrillers and fiction books. Will I get through them all? Who knows. Probably not. But at least I’m TRYING to brighten my horizon and read more. Right?!

So today I thought I would jump on here and share what’s on my bookshelf and reading list for the start of this year.


My little brother got me two books for Christmas, this one & this one. He knows me well. (Or just read my Christmas list I sent via email, clicked on the link I provided and ordered through Amazon Prime – We’ll stick with he loves me and knows me so well since it sounds so sweet! Ha!) These are probably two of the books I’m most excited about. The Chanel book makes for a beautiful coffee table accessory and the “how to take better Instagram photos” book is right up my alley. 

I’m absolutely in love with this new cookbook as it has the most gorgeous vegetarian recipes (I’m not even vegetarian and I love it!)
This book is being turned into a movie which looks SO good, so I want to read the book first before I see it in theatres. (Here’s the movie trailer if you want to take a peek).
I’ve heard that people can’t put down this book so of course I had to add it to the list.

For all things fashion, I’m obsessing over this beautiful book and for all things creative & business inspirational, I’m excited to dive into this #girlboss book.

Last but not least, we are headed back to Paris this year, so Bryan bought me this fun travel guide book by Laduree. (SO sweet! And no, I didn’t give him a list. He picked this out all by himself!)

Well, there you have it. It might take me all year to actually sit down and read these books, but I’m going to try. What are you reading this year? Comment below – I would LOVE any new recommendations!




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