Trending Styles Of The 2017 Golden Globes

Did you guys watch the Golden Globes last night!? 

I NEVER miss it. Award season is something I look forward to every year and I can’t explain the excitement I get watching all the fashion on the red carpet.  I love seeing all the different styles and exquisite designer gowns the actresses wear, not to mention all the fun trends that make an appearance. 

Something some of you might not know about me? I got to attend the 2010 Golden Globes and it was one of the BEST nights of my life. I got to scan the stars tickets as they walked in the door, watch the awards from inside the theatre, have a couple of cocktails inside at the bar with Felicity Huffman & Courtney Cox, then party hard at the HBO after party. Can’t be true right!?! I know. It felt like a dream the whole night. Still don’t believe me? I might just post some pictures at the end of this post to prove it!

Ok. Let’s move on to some of the popular trends that I saw all over the red carpet last night. I mean, that is one of the main reasons why I watch! Below each popular trend from last night, I’ve linked items that the everyday woman could wear to work or out to drinks with friends that aren’t red carpet fancy but mimic these trends in a more suttle way. Enjoy!


The plunging neckline was ALL over the red carpet last night and I loved it. Mostly because I think it is a really hard style to pull off and if you’re going to do it, you have to do it well. I absolutely LOVED Keri Russel’s dress not only because of the plunging neckline she pulled off so well but because of the leopard print. It was subtle enough, not to overwhelming and paired with the black choker was absolutely perfect. I loved Emma Stone’s gorgeous fairy like dress as well.


We’ve all heard of the arm party but the ring party?! Well, it’s trending now. Last night stars wore multiple rings on every finger, carrying out the trend of the “ring party”. If I learned one thing from last night, it’s don’t be afraid to wear more than one ring on each hand….it just screams “cool chic”.


Does it get anymore gorgeous than this?! Many detailed sheer lace dresses made a popular appearance last night highlighting such a feminine and delicate sense of style. Now these are my types of dresses. So pretty with the most creative lace details. Just STUNNING.


The color of the night? Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. And my goodness it looked good. I’m not really a yellow wearing type of gal but these ladies last night made it look oh so good. I mean, Viola Davis….stop it right now. So pretty! And Natalie Portman. REAL pregnant and just as gorgeous as ever. I absolutely loved the bright pop of cherry lip and diamond chandelier earrings she paired with her dress. 

My best dressed and favorite outfit of the night? Michelle Williams. Hands down. I LOVED how she paired an elegant lace dress with a solid black choker and a bright blond pixie cut. She was simple, chic and so gorgeous.

Well, if you’ve read this far, it’s probably just because you wanted to see my Golden Globe pictures. It’s alright. I’m not offended that you don’t believe me. The proof is in the pictures!

What’s next? Oscar night on Sunday February 26th. I’ll be sharing details of our Oscar party that we have every year with friends in a couple of weeks!


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